El Salvador Economic Overview

By | August 4, 2022
Basic data
Capital San Salvador
Population million (2021)
Language Spanish
Religion Christianity
State system presidential republic
Head of State Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez (6/2019)
Head of government Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez
Currency name US dollar (USD)
Time shift -7h (in summer -8h)
Economy 2021
Nominal GDP (billion USD) 28.7
Economic growth (%) 10.2
Inflation (%) 6.1
Unemployment (%) 9

El Salvador is a presidential republic whose government consists of a president and 16 ministers. The legislative body is an elected unicameral parliament consisting of 84 members. The current president of El Salvador is Nayib Bukele, who came to power in 2019 and gradually controlled the executive, legislative and judicial powers. His political party won a landslide victory in the February 2021 unicameral parliament elections, giving Bukele a constitutional majority that Bukele uses very often. Despite his authoritarian tendencies, Bukele is by far the most popular of all Latin American leaders.

According to allcountrylist, El Salvador has a relatively low GDP growth rate compared to other developing countries. Among other things, it is struggling with the government’s high indebtedness – since 1990, not a single balanced budget has been proposed. Rising public debt reached almost 90% of GDP at the end of 2021, with El Salvador having the highest public debt of any Central American country. The trade balance is in deficit, which is caused by the need to export products with low added value (especially coffee, cotton, corn, sugar cane, clothes and chemical products) and, conversely, by importing consumer goods and technology. El Salvador’s main trading partner is the United States, other partners include its Central American neighbors, Mexico and China. In 2021, after three years of stagnation at half the values, the Czech Republic’s exports to El Salvador rose again to the level of 2017. Mainly metals and products from them are exported.



  • Contacts to Czech embassies in the territory
  • Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firefighters, information lines, etc.)
  • Important Internet links and contacts

Contacts at the embassies of the Czech Republic in the territory

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mexico is accredited for Salvador, under which the PaulTrade office in Mexico falls.

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mexico
Address: Cuvier 22, Colonia Nueva Anzures, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, 115 90
Tel.: (+52) 55 5531 2544
E-mail: [email protected]
website: www.mzv. cz/mexico
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CZenMX/
Fax: (+52) 55 5531 1837
E-mail of the commercial department: [email protected]
E-mail of the consular department: [email protected]
Working hours: Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.30

Honorary Consulate of El Salvador
Head of Office: Mr. Ildikó Maria Juhasz de Tesak
Address: Pasaje 3, Casa nro. 115, Colonia Avila 2644 San Salvador, San Salvador
Tel.: +503 2223 0645, 2298 3961, 2298 3962
E-mail: ildikoj[email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]
Opening hours office hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

PaulTrade Mexico City
Address: Lago Alberto 375, Anáhuac I Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, México
Tel.: +52 55 8218 3517 (mobile)
E-mail:  [email protected]
Web:  www.PaulTrade.cz; www.PaulTrade-mexico.com.mx

Delegation of the European Union to El Salvador
Head of Mission: Andreu Bassols, Ambassador
Address: Calle Cortez Blanco Poniente y Calle Holcim, Urbanización Madreselva, Antiguo Cuscatlán, Apartado Postal 01 298 San Salvador El Salvador
Tel: (+503) 2243-2424
Fax: (+503 ) 2243-2525
Email: [email protected]
Website: eeas.europa.eu/delegations/el-salvador_en
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/UEenElSalvador Office hours: Monday – Thursday 08:00- 12:30 and 14:00-16:30; Friday 08:00-12:30

Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

Police: 911
Emergency services: 121
Fire brigade: 913, 2271 1244
Red Cross: 2239 4930

Important web links and contacts

Presidential Office: http://www.presidencia.gob.sv/
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://rree.gob.sv/
Ministry of the Interior: https://www.gobernacion.gob.sv/
Ministry of Defense: www.fuerzaarmada.gob.sv
Ministry of Economy: http://www.minec.gob.sv/
Ministry of Finance: www.mh.gob.sv
Ministry of Public Works: www.mop.gob.sv
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock: http:// www.mag.gob.sv/
Ministry of Health: http://www.salud.gob.sv/
Ministry of Culture: http://www.cultura.gob.sv/
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology: https://www.mined.gob.sv/
Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources: http://www.marn.gob.sv/
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: http://www.mtps.gob.sv/
Broad spectrum of information about El Salvador: http://elsalvador.travel/es/

El Salvador Economic Overview