Excursions to Krabi, Thailand

Sightseeing tour of Krabi

An excursion on which you will get acquainted with the unique nature of Krabi and take unforgettable photos!

On a traditional Thai boat, we will travel along the river, among mangroves and lianas. The guide will tell you about the features of the traditional way of fishing. On the way, you can observe this amazing process.

You will see a cave where the famous stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre forms are located. Our next stop is in the capital – the city of Krabi, where you will be offered lunch. You will also have time to do a little shopping in the many shops. Next, we will proceed to the secluded, forested monastery of Wat Yam Sau, which is the most beautiful in Krabi.
At the top of the mountain you will see the Golden Pagoda, where 1000 steps lead. On the way back we will visit the Su San Hoi Beach, also called the Shell Beach.
Attention! Bring your camera and money for additional expenses.

Trip to James Bond Island. The coast of Phang Nga

According to topschoolsintheusa, not far from Krabi is the Phang Nga National Reserve, which includes many uninhabited islands. You will visit the most famous of them, James Bond Island. One of the episodes of the film about the famous agent 007 was filmed here. You can capture the famous rock and buy a variety of souvenirs made of shells. Next, we go to Panyi Island, where picturesque stilt houses are located. The Muslims who inhabit the island have preserved a unique way of life and culture. Here you will find a delicious lunch of Thai dishes and seafood, relaxation and swimming.
On the way back we will make a stop at Raya Island.

Attention! Please bring your swimwear, towel, sunscreen and camera.

A trip to the Phi Phi Islands

You will visit some of the most beautiful islands in the world, which attract tourists with their pristine beauty, coral reefs and the richest underwater world. Our first stop is Maya Bay, Phi Phi Lay Island. The famous film “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here. Swimming in clear water and sunbathing awaits you. Further, our journey consists of numerous stops in the most beautiful and picturesque places. You will visit the Viking Cave, where locals get a delicacy of Chinese cuisine – “swallow’s nests”, on Monkey Beach you will enjoy communication with agile monkeys and take unforgettable photos!

On the neighboring island, Phi Phi Don, you will be offered a buffet lunch. Then you will have free time for rest, a little shopping or a relaxing massage.
Attention! Please bring your swimwear, towel, sunscreen and camera.

Bathing in hot springs

On this tour you will visit the famous Nua Klong Lagoon and bathe in hot mineral springs, the water in which reaches a temperature of 38-42 degrees. You will also be offered lunch.
Attention! Please bring your bathing suits, towel and camera.

Kayaking and snorkeling on Nong Island

You will visit one of the most beautiful islands to the west of Krabi. The name of the island is translated as “Room”, which indicates its closed and secluded location. You will see lost lagoons and picturesque rocks, unique plants and an unforgettable underwater world.

During the tour you will relax, sun bathe, kayak along the island or explore the diversity of the tropical sea. Local fishermen fish in the lagoon. You will be offered a lunch of a variety of seafood and, of course, delicious fish.

Attention! Please bring your bathing suits, towel and sunscreen.

Krabi, Thailand