Fonyod, Hungary

By | December 3, 2022

The largest and oldest settlement on the south coast of Lake Balaton, which today has become a lively tourist center with a beautiful marina and bustling life in the central part of the city. In Fonyod, there are well-maintained “family-type” summer cottages with small parks, well-equipped beaches, comfortable campsites and a developed service sector. Many middle-class travelers with children come to sunbathe on the local beaches with velvety sand and a smoothly lowering bottom throughout the season.

How to get there

According to CachedHealth, there are various ways to get to Fonyod. It must be said that the city received an impetus for development due to the fact that a railway passed through it. And now it makes it possible for those who avoid flights for some reason to get from Moscow to Fonyod by train, and the routes can be different: through Zagreb, through Budapest or through Ljubljana. You can accurately determine the route only by specifying a specific date, since trains do not depart daily. The air route can be laid through Zagreb or Budapest, the latter is preferable, since the route (due to the large number of flights operated to Budapest) is easier to optimize for price or time spent.

Weather in Fonyod

The temperate continental climate is typical for this area, and since the city is located between two mountains, there is practically no windy weather here. The resort life is in full swing here in the summer, the city calms down for the winter, there are practically no tourists, since the winter here is usually cold and cloudy.


A wide strip of beaches, turning one into another, is equipped and provides an opportunity not only to sunbathe, but also to engage in water activities or sports games. A lot of equipment rental points necessary for these purposes offer their services to vacationers. Water skiing, sailing, diving are available here. Teams of qualified rescuers and medical stations are ready to help in difficult situations. The beaches are equipped with playgrounds with bright and safe attractions for the little ones. Many eateries and pavilions offer a large selection of snacks, drinks and ice cream. Behind the strip of beaches there are holiday villages, immersed in parks and gardens, villas, campsites, boarding houses and hotels.

Treatment and spa

Rest in Fonyod may include a wellness component. In the immediate vicinity (4 km) from it there are two health resorts, Nadzhiberek and Chistapusta, which are known for their mineral springs. Both of these resorts offer extensive spa treatments.

Fonyod Hotels

There are many accommodation options in Fonyod. But, since the resort is aimed at middle-income tourists, there are practically no luxury hotels here, the vast majority of them correspond to the 3 * level. Most vacationers prefer to stay in small cozy hotels, geographically located near the beaches. Rooms in these hotels are booked first.

Entertainment and attractions Fonyod

Fonyod is not only a beach holiday. This city, which has a 900-year history behind it, is ready to offer its guests many interesting options for spending leisure time. Once upon a time Fonyod was an island on which stood a beautiful castle. Over time, the island was connected to the land, and the castle was completely destroyed during the Turkish attacks, only the hill on which it stood remained.

Nevertheless, it is worth climbing this hill, as it offers a wonderful panorama of the surroundings and the “Hungarian sea” – Lake Balaton.

The central street of the city, Bela Bartok, leads to the foot of the hill. It is green and picturesque, rich in cafes and shops, as it should be the main street of a charming resort town. An important role in the life of Fonyod is played by the port, the largest on the Balaton. Inspection of the ships, lunch in a port restaurant will give a lot of emotions, no less than a yacht trip to one of the cities on the Balaton coast. A ferry trip to the opposite shore of the lake, to the city, is very popular with tourists.


A lot of events aimed at the guests of the city take place in Fonyod during the tourist season. Picturesque and noisy are the fairs that take place on the main square twice a week, and the horse breeders’ fair, which is held weekly on Wednesdays in the summer, becomes an exciting event that literally attracts crowds of tourists. Almost every evening there are performances, concerts and performances in open areas. Not far from Fonyod, many castles have been preserved, excursions to which are organized by numerous city tourist offices. The trip promises not only an inspection of the building, which is more than a hundred years old, but also participation in a theatrical performance, of which many are held on the territory of castles.

Fonyod, Hungary