How to Combine Gems and Gemstones with the Skin Tone?

Women are already tired of knowing that not always an accessory that combines very well with someone else will have the same effect on you. And for obvious reasons! This happens because you need to take into account many details at the time of composing looks, choosing parts and matching accessories with your profile. In the case of gems and gemstones, in addition to the aspects of size, format and style of the play, it is also important to take into account your skin tone so that the combination is perfect and your visual gain the highlight you deserve!

It’s important to emphasize that when we talk about skin tone we don’t just have white and black. The color of human skin is determined by the quantity of the pigment melanin, but also suffers alterations according to the direct exposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation. So let’s check out a little more about the shades that exist and how to combine jewelry with each of them. Check out!

Light Skin

It may present a pinkish hue because of the blood vessels that are more visible under the skin. Jewels in yellow gold combine much for those with white skin and stones in the dark green, blue violet and blue green, as well as jewels with stones like pencil-lazuli, topaz, emerald and navy water will certainly highlight quite in contrast to that skin tone.

Yellowish skin

Generally, Orientals or descendants of Orientals have that skin tone that pulls a little to the yellowish. The colours indicated for jewelry are green, orange and red. These colours can be found in gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, citrus and jade.

Olive skin

This kind of skin has a tan appearance, merging a yellowish tint with a greenish medium (may sound odd to think of shades of green for skin, but it is not very visible). Violet, orange and red are colors that combine very well for people with this tonality, then bet on sapphire, amethyst, Ruby and Coral, which bring these tones.

Brunette fur

Brunette fur women are very well with clear jewelry, because they will have better prominence. To choose the gems, it is good to choose the colors yellow, white, lilac and red, which can be found in rubies, amethysts, topazes and Tourmalines.

Black Skin

It also follows the line of the brightest jewels, such as silver and white gold, which combine enough with the darkest skins. White, orange and red are great colors for gems and among them we have Granada, the Imperial Topaz, the Ruby and the amber.

It is worth remembering that these rules of colors can also help in the time of choosing the right tones for clothing and makeup. A complete look taking into account the best combinations will certainly make any woman feel much prettier and confident.

Now that you know all about how to combine your skin tone with gems and gemstones, it’s time to put into practice and hit the choices. Check out our tips on how to choose without spending too much and capriche in the visual!

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