How to Get to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

By | November 28, 2022

The resort is located away from big cities and major transport hubs, so you will have to get through the neighboring cities – Burgas or Varna. The money and time costs for air travel are approximately the same, the difference in ticket prices is 20-50 EUR. The prices on the page are for November 2021. For Bulgaria climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

It is closer to drive from Burgas, it is 40 km from Sunny Beach. Transport departs from the South Bus Station, to which bus number 15 runs every hour from the air gate. In summer, cars run to the resort every 10-30 minutes from 6:00 to 23:50. In winter, there are fewer flights, and longer intervals. One of the routes towards the resort passes by the airport and a stop 300 m from it (the landmark is a sign with a crossed-out inscription “Sarafovo quarter”). So it is not necessary to go to the city center to the bus station, but instead of 20 minutes you will have to wait 40, the journey will take about an hour. The taxi driver will take you faster, in 40 minutes, but he will charge at least 60 BGN for the trip.

From Varna, which is 1.5 hours drive from the resort, it is more expensive to get there, a taxi will cost no less than 120 BGN. To save money, you must first get from the airport to the Central Bus Station by bus number 409 (about 15 minutes). From there, 3 flights run daily (at 8:00, 9:00 and 14:00) to Nessebar and Burgas, which pass through Sunny Beach. You will have to spend almost 2 hours and 12-17 BGN on the road. All buses arrive at the bus station in the center of the resort and stop at several other places along the way.


About 5 routes run from Nessebar through Sunny Beach towards Sveti Vlas and Elenite. All of them pass along the same street, on which all 8 bus stops of the city are located, some call at the bus station. In addition to local transport, flights from Burgas, Sofia and other cities stop everywhere. Travel on urban routes costs 2 BGN, on intercity routes it depends on the distance – from 6 BGN.

In a taxi, it is better to keep an eye on the road – the driver can drive in circles, winding up the meter.

Several taxi companies operate in Nessebar and Sunny Beach. The car can be ordered by phone or booked online. Due to the great popularity of the resort, the rates here are very high, and the likelihood of fraud on the part of the taxi driver is high. The trip will cost no less than 6 BGN. This is both a minimum tariff and a call fee, but dishonest drivers try to sum up these payments and rip off 15 BGN. Next, you will need to pay 4 BGN for 1 km during the day and 5 BGN at night, for a minute of waiting or idle time – 1.50 BGN.

There are bike and electric car rentals on the waterfront. Prices for renting a two-wheeled vehicle are 5 BGN per hour or 25 BGN per day, a small open car is 30 BGN per half hour.

Rent a Car

There are no sights in the town itself, you will have to go on excursions to Nessebar, Burgas and other Bulgarian cities. Of course, you can travel by public transport, but in order not to depend on anyone or anything, it is better to rent a car.

The roads in the city are not very good in some places, but you can drive. There are serious traffic jams, especially on Fridays and Sundays on the highway towards Burgas. Parking is paid and prices, in comparison with other Bulgarian resorts, are quite high – 3-7 BGN per hour and 15 BGN per day. Parking for more than 4 hours is paid as for the whole day, so it turns out more profitable. Nearly every car park has a large blue sign with the letter P and prices in Bulgarian and English.

The resort is mainly operated by local companies – Top Rent-a-Car and others. Prices for budget cars start from 50 BGN per day, the choice is small. At Burgas Airport it is a little more expensive, but the range is much wider, there are offers from international Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, InterRent.


The choice of housing for vacationers in the city is rather big – hotels, apartments, villas, hostels and guest houses. Although the number of rooms is large, in half of the hotels there are no places for the high season six months before it. Prices depend more on proximity to the sea than on a specific area. However, Soviet buildings have been preserved in the center, and it is easier to find inexpensive options there.

The resort has many advantageous offers for large companies. When renting a house for 5-20 people, the cost per guest will be within 20-35 BGN per day.

The most budgetary accommodation options are hostels and guest houses. A double room on the opposite side of the resort from the beach will cost 30-50 BGN per night. Prices for hotels 2-3 * start from 70 BGN per day, but this will also not be the first coastline. A little closer to the sea, you can find housing for 100-150 BGN, and on the coast itself, prices range from 200 to 450 BGN. The resort has several dozen “fours” – 120-450 BGN per night in a double room. There are not so many “fives”, the price range is about the same.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria