How to Have a Perfect Hair

How to Have a Perfect Hair 1

A woman with hair perfect is much more secure and attractive. To have a perfect hair follow the tips below:

How to Have a Perfect Hair 1

  • Only wash the hair when they are dirty or greasy and never with hot water, a maximum of warm water,
  • Only use a shampoo anti residue if your hair are not chemically treated with straighteners and dyes,
  • To prevent the hair to become broken, untangle it as it passes through the conditioner,
  • Each time you pass the conditioner, not the pass in the root of the hair, leave acting for a few minutes but rinse them very well the following,
  • Dry the hair with a towel and air free at least 1 time per week. It is not good to dry it with a hair dryer,
  • If the hair is very dry do hydration 1 time per week and apply a cream Leave-in after every wash,
  • For a more visual care use a board to smooth or babyliss to curl the wires.

How to Have a Perfect Hair 2

Knowing your hair type is essential to buy the right products. When a person who has oily hair uses specific products for dry hair, the result is devastating.

How to Have a Perfect Hair 3