HPU Reviews (10)

By | June 14, 2021

Hi everyone,
I really had a very good time in Hawaii!  The Hawaii Pacific University’s application documents should contain information about the choice of course, which should be binding. A subsequent change of your courses was only possible for an additional fee of 30 USD if the desired course still had a free place.


In general, the search for accommodation is a bit more time-consuming than in other cities. On Oahu, the demand is very high, especially at the beginning of the semester, which of course also leads to high rental prices. Personally, I only took a few hours to look for an apartment and I was very lucky to get a bed in a double room for $ 550 at Hawaii Student Housing. Fortunately, I didn’t get a Roommate anymore, so I had a very simply furnished apartment of approx. 27 square meters to myself. The housing standard, however, was far below the German level! Simple stone floors, ailing windows, no air conditioning and an aging bathroom are not a luxury, but since I was out during the day anyway and I wanted to keep my budget as low as possible.

From what I heard from others, at $ 550 I was still in the lower range in terms of housing costs. A couple of friends have been looking for a suitable apartment for up to a week.
My apartment was on the west end of Waikiki. Personally, I would always move to Waikiki because the area is always the busiest. Whether nightlife or during the day on the beach … actually it never got boring!

Hawaii Pacific University is spread over two campuses. My lectures (business) were all on the Downtown Campus, which is right in the center of Honoulu and can be easily reached by bus or bike from Waikiki.

I was a bit surprised that the HPU charges an extra fee of around $ 80-90 for Orientation Week. I didn’t take part in the introduction because I wasn’t particularly impressed by the program. But it is certainly a very good opportunity to make the first contacts!

I was partly very satisfied with my professors and partly a bit disappointed. In general, the lesson is more like a school event than a university, since the grade (as is typical in the USA) is not just made up of a final exam, but of quizzes, midterm, term paper, presentation, final and event. still putting homeworks together. You are a bit more busy during the semester than you might think at the beginning. Check mcat-test-centers to see more reviews from current students.

Leisure / Fun:

There is really a lot to experience on Oahu and the other islands! From surfing in Waikiki Beach, snorkeling in the beautiful bay “Hanauma Bay”, shark diving or sky diving on the North Shore to gorgeous beaches to chill, everything is there!
If you have the time to visit another island, I would recommend Kauai as your first destination. The island offers beautiful landscapes that are really easy to discover on foot, by car, sailing ship or even on a helicopter tour!


The most popular party for all young people and students is the $ 1 drinks party at Mooses on Tuesdays. On Thursdays I can recommend the Red Lion ($ 1 drinks) and Shack’s. At the weekend, all other clubs and bars are also well filled.

Hawaiian ID:

I can only recommend you to get a Hawaiian ID in good time. With this “identity card” you get a lot of discounts! For all activities that you do during your stay, I would always just ask briefly whether there are students or local discounts. The Hawaiian ID costs 15 dollars and is also a nice little souvenir of your time in paradise.


I can really only recommend a semester abroad in Hawaii! When is there another chance to live a few months in paradise so quickly ?! The whole population is just so relaxed, that’s just unbelievable. In addition, you feel a great holiday feeling the whole time!

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