HPU Reviews (3)

Before I address all the individual points, I would like to anticipate that the semester at the HPU is an amazing experience and, despite the high cost, was worth every penny.


The way to apply as a free mover is certainly not easy and often very time-consuming, especially when it comes to correspondence and the exchange of documents. However, this additional effort was significantly relieved by your website. There was no email request too many and every concern was dealt with with urgency. The HPU generally has long processing times because the university is gaining in popularity and few people deal with your concerns. Should you want to swap courses towards the beginning of the semester, you will experience the whole thing “live”. In the end, it was a long way to go before all the courses were taken and all the documents were collected, but I was never alone with the problems. That being said, all of the preparation is there. It’s also time for something exciting!

Finding accommodation and arriving

Contrary to all statements that one shouldn’t bother looking for an apartment before leaving for Hawaii , I started to correspond with landlords or third parties via “Craigslist.com” at the beginning of June. I traveled with a friend, which is why the search was aimed directly at larger apartments. With at least two bedrooms and located in Waikiki / Ala Moana. Definitely the best areas for living as most of the nightlife takes place here, there are shops and restaurants and most (almost all) of the visiting students live here.

If you want to have a private room, i.e. not share a room, you will have to expect a rent of up to $ 1300 or more. In the end, the four of us had a large, approximately 80 square meter apartment with two bedrooms. The cost was $ 750 per nose. This is relatively cheap for a comparatively very modern apartment in Waikiki. In any case, the search for apartments with European standards is relatively difficult, but not impossible.

We shared the rooms with students we met at the Beachside Hostel, another hotspot that you definitely shouldn’t miss at the beginning of your trip. Book your first 3-4 nights in this hostel, because we met a third of the people you will see again and again during the semester in this hostel. There is another relatively popular hostel called the Seaside Hostel. This should not be less packed with international students at this time.


I have completed a master’s semester at HPU and have taken the three necessary courses to complete a full-time course.

Basically, I only took MBA courses, which is why the level of the courses made it quite decent. Basically, I heard beforehand that it should be very easy at the HPU in terms of the level of the courses. I can’t confirm that for at least two of the courses I’ve completed.

Information Systems Management : For me a subject that required a lot of redundancy, as I had already dealt with the topic at home during my bachelor’s degree at my university. Nevertheless, this course was quite interesting because you actually go through a new Harvard business case every week . The final grade consisted of two of these cases, a semester project and an exam at the end of the semester. This course was of medium to weak level.

Financial Management and Strategy : An online course that only started towards the middle of the semester, but was packed with quizzes, homework and a semester project. For me mostly new topics, therefore medium to high level. Check anycountyprivateschools to see more reviews from current students.

International Business Management : Even if the name of the course sounds very basic and after a subject that you do “on the side”, the course with absolutely the most effort during my semester. But at the same time with the greatest learning effect. The aim of the course and the main part of the course is a paper to be written by a group. Weekly presentations and enhancements to the paper, as well as literature that needs to be read and understood, add to a relatively significant workload. In the end, however, by far the most interesting course in my opinion.


Of course, you have to take your time during your semester to enjoy the most beautiful aspects of your stay.

There are a thousand ways to do this on the island, the most important of which is: Get out of Waikiki !!! Since you spend a lot of time there anyway and will live there, you should set out and explore the west, east and especially north coast. There are a lot of beautiful beaches and hikes all over the island, which will beautify you for many days. The best way to get around the island is of course by car as the bus system is not really great on the island. So if you are several people, then it definitely makes sense to buy a car. Until shortly before the end of the semester, we had an old truck that we could park in our parking garage. If that doesn’t work with your own car, Enterprise has great weekend offers. You can often rent a car there for $ 50 from Friday evening to Tuesday morning. Check the Enterprise rent-a-car website yourself or give them a call.

In addition to the island of Oahu, there are of course the other islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. Here I can definitely recommend flying to the islands of Kauai, Big Island and Maui. All three of them are very special and definitely worth a trip. Unfortunately, there was only enough time for me to visit Maui, but I will definitely come back to explore the other islands as well.

Finally, my three “Favorite Spots” on Oahu :

Waimea Bay, North Shore

Three Peaks Hike (Olomana Trail), Kailua

Coackroach Cove, Eastside

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