HTC desire successor: desire HD / ACE [with video!]

HTC desire yet long not passé is and one of the top seller this summer next to the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. But it is the successor in the wings: we recently have reported that the HTC desire HD is now in the starting blocks. Now there’s even a video of the desire successor, now with the name “ ACE ” is traded. The Super-flat Smartphone seems to be, as has been suggested in the reporting but not entirely from aluminium.

HTC desire in a new guise

Have the HTC desire was quite convincing users: beautiful finish in a flat housing with Google Android as the operating system and only small errors in detail make the HTC Smartphone really attractive. We have discussed, by the way the HTC desire in a test. The HTC desire HD / ACE has to offer than its predecessor, but it’s really not bad in this case hardware no longer: 1 GHz processor, 512 mb of memory and a powerful graphics unit ensures a fast working speed. Here the Android operating system is scheduled now from the outset 2.2, so for the HTC desire HD applications can be installed directly on a micro SD card and can exploit the full memory. One of the biggest changes involves the display: with 4.3 ″ the HTC desire HD / ACE is as big as the HTC HD2. Also the probably 800 × 480 pixel resolution can be seen. It is that HTC here installed the new Super-LCD technology due to the delivery of display problems by Samsung. These can keep up not quite with AMOLED, but offer a very good quality compared to the normal LCD. The built-in camera was also drilled: 8 Megapixels compared to 5 has to offer the HTC desire HD and also a HD video function. Videos can be recorded with this in the format of 1280 × 720 pixels. HTC uses an extravagant mixture of lots of aluminum and plastic on the back in the design. The very flat Smartphone can be quite, as shown in the following video.

Worth the wait?

In principle the HTC desire offers all functions that the HTC desire HD / ACE. Even HD video was or update comes after (the network operators the update pending) with the firmware. In addition, also the HTC desire offers an impeccable processing and the hardware is the same. Also, still an AMOLED display for use, that has certain advantages over the new Super-LCD comes with the HTC desire. It acts as a whole not quite as elegant as the HTC desire HD and with 3.7 ″ a smaller display, which can be of course but also an advantage. If you want more power, not passes currently on the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. With a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 512mb memory, and a 4.0 ″ Super AMOLED display is currently the technical highlight of the Android smartphones. We have already tested also this Smartphone and even with the twice as expensive compared iPhone 4.