HTC spark – Windows phone 7 Smartphone with desire technology?

In a Chinese forum a data sheet showed up, where as the operating system, Windows phone 7 is specified. The data not only resemble the HTC desire, but are identical to 100%. Hot new HTC Smartphone with the Microsoft operating system Windows phone 7 HTC will spark. A Smartphone by the quality of a HTC desire with the new Microsoft operating system? Sounds promising!

HTC desire technology …. in the desire housing?

At HTC we know only the data sheet – without saying with certainty that it is not fake. At least the data is realistic and is likely also a release a device with Windows phone 7, because the desire meets all minimum requirements that Microsoft provides on mobile phones with the new operating system. Whether the HTC spark then ultimately also looks like the HTC desire? That is more than questionable, because the Android typical key layout does not fit with Windows phone 7. Windows phone 7 Developer mobile provided three buttons: the home button, a back button and a button for the search function. Technically some modifications should exist probably also marketing, what’s the look, finally, it would be rather confusing to have two phones with the same appearance, but different name and operating system on sale.

Soft – and hardware

Microsoft had a long lead time until the release of the new operating system and could learn from the mistakes of the competition. Accordingly has the software giant raised the mobile hardware requirements fairly, ensuring a consistently liquid operating and minimise a scattering of version, as it is often the case with Android. The manufacturers supply often only brief support for the devices, so that many still using version 1.6 work even though Android 2.2 is now up-to-date. Otherwise, Windows phone 7 now makes a good impression by a unique look with big letters and organically built menus. Icons? There’s no. Also Microsoft is working with high pressure on the further development of the surface and play, so that in the fall, maybe a small revolution in the market of smartphones is waiting for us. The hardware is known from the HTC desire and need not hide from competition: with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 mb RAM, 3.7 ″ AMOLED display (probably at the HTC spark Super-LCD) with high resolution (800 × 480 pixels) and 8 gb memory enough the Smartphone also for high demands. Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and HSDPA has the Smartphone of course also on board. As for the desire has also the spark a 5 mega pixel camera – HD video support is uncertain at this point, but quite possible.

Availability and price

That is not from Windows phone 7 HTC spark appear so much should be clear. Microsoft has announced the operating system with first mobile phones, which also the HTC spark could include, at the end of the year. Then should the HTC spark price range in the high end and the operating system to shake the market. We report all developments of the new Microsoft operating system in the bridgat blog of course continue.