LLM in Australia Part I

By | June 22, 2021

Australia not only fascinates with beautiful nature and exciting cities, but also with an excellent university landscape. The state’s 43 universities are characterized by high professional standards, excellent equipment and a high level of service. The “ESOS Act” also ensures that the study programs of all universities that accept international students meet international standards.

This also applies to the Master of Laws (LLM): The law master’s degree can be obtained in Australia within just one year, at some universities even in a shorter time. The graduates repeatedly report enthusiastically about small course sizes, helpful lecturers and first-class libraries.

The composition of the program participants is international, so that the students in the LLM in Australia acquire not only specialist knowledge but also intercultural skills and at the same time improve their English skills. It is precisely these additional qualifications that large international law firms and commercial enterprises take for granted as a matter of course. If you want to make a career here and push your salary up by several thousand euros a year, there is no avoiding an LLM degree. An LLM degree in Australia offers the perfect opportunity to enormously increase your chances of advancement and at the same time to get to know a fascinating country.

Overview of LLM programs at Australian universities

Almost all LLM programs offered by Australian universities are designed to suit the interests and specializations of the students. A majority of the courses are internationally oriented and almost all universities offer opportunities for specialization in the field of International Law. For business lawyers, for example, the LLM in International Business and Finance Law from Bond University or the LLM in Global Business Law from the University of Technology Sydney should be of interest.

Master types and duration of study

As is usual with almost all master’s programs in Australia, students can also choose between a Master by Research or a Master by Coursework with regard to the LLM in Australia. Some Australian universities also offer a combination of both types of Masters, the so-called Master by Coursework and Minor Thesis.

The fastest variant is usually the LLM by Coursework: The students acquire their degree by attending courses and the associated smaller certificates of achievement. This type of study usually takes a year, at some universities it is even possible to complete within just nine months. Most universities in Australia offer the opportunity to do an LLM by Coursework.

The second study variant for the LLM in Australia is the Master by Research, which mainly consists of writing an independent research paper. One to two years should be planned for this version of the LLM. Universities that only offer an LLM by Research, such as James Cook University or Southern Cross University, focus on an ideal research environment and close supervision. The specialization options are diverse and range from Human Rights Law to Medical and Ethics, from Global Law and Justice to Law, Society and Cultural Change. The LLM course at these universities is very research-intensive and takes two years.

The third way to do the LLM in Australia is to write a small research paper and attend courses at the same time. This mixture of the two aforementioned variants, the Master by coursework and minor thesis, also takes between one and two years, depending on the university.

The University of Western Australia and UNSW Australia also offer the option of an interdisciplinary LLM / MBA program: Here, those who want to work at the interface between law and business can acquire both master’s degrees at the same time. In addition to the MBA / LLM two-way master’s degree, the University of Western Australia also offers the double degree Master of International Relations / Master of International Law. An interesting option for lawyers who see their later field of activity primarily in the diplomatic service or international organizations.

LLM in Australia: The Right Time

Completing the LLM degree in Australia directly after the first state examination is particularly useful for many because it allows them to make optimal use of the waiting time until their legal clerkship. With its fascinating landscapes and diverse leisure activities, Australia also offers a great environment in which to recover from the rigors of the first state examination. At the same time, with the internationally recognized academic title, the students increase their chances of an internship in a major law firm, because the places there are coveted and highly competitive.

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Many also complete the LLM course after the second state examination in order to improve their professional opportunities and get a higher starting salary. Even after a few years in the job or even after completing a doctorate, it can be worthwhile to take part in an LLM program in Australia. After all, the academic title promises a higher reputation ; especially if it was acquired in an English-speaking country where the LLM is a tradition.

LLM in Australia Part  I