Manaus, Brazil

By | November 25, 2022

The city of Manaus is the capital of the Amazon, and it is located, unsurprisingly, on the banks of the Amazon River. The local population consists almost entirely of Indians, which gives the city a special flavor. Check maternityetchic for customs regulations and visa requirements of Brazil.

The main attraction of Manaus is its wild nature. This is one of the most ecologically clean places on earth, there is a national park where you can see giant Amazonian water lilies and the “wedding of the rivers”, where the black waters of the Rio Negro merge with the yellow Solimões River. Popular activities include night and day Amazon cruises and rainforest walking tours.

How to get to Manaus

The flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus takes 5 hours. The trip by car (bus) will take at least 43 hours. From Sao Paulo to Manaus you can fly in 4.5 hours, by car (bus) – 42 hours.

Weather in Manaus

The city is located in the equatorial climate zone, which is characterized by high temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. The average annual temperature is +28 °C.

In summer, from December to May, heavy rains are not uncommon. Winter, from June to November, on the contrary, is characterized by drought and very high temperatures from +37 to +40 °C.

Manaus Hotels

A variety of accommodation facilities is one of the features of Manaus. Here are business hotels well suited for business tourism, and eco-hotels located in the Amazon rainforest.

Entertainment and attractions in Manaus

Here are interesting: Museum of Indians, floating markets, many magnificent houses decorated with blue ceramics – “azulejos”. It is also worth seeing the city market of Manaus (the full name is Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa, Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa), built in 1882, the Edifício da Alfândega customs building, the Rio Negro Palace (Palácio Rio Negro) and the Opera House.

In Manaus, you can see a unique natural phenomenon – the “Wedding of the Rivers”. The place where the Negro River (one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon) merges with the Solimões River. In the Rio Negro, the water is black because its waters are saturated with a natural mineral. In the Solimões River, it is almost white, milky in color. The temperature of the waters is different, therefore, when the Rio Negro flows into the Amazon, the waters of the two rivers do not mix for two kilometers.

The city has many discos, restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. Worth a visit is the Amazonas Theatre. During the heyday of Manaus, stars of the first magnitude performed in this theater – rubber barons easily offered fees that lured celebrities to travel to the Amazonian wilds. Enrique Caruso sang on the theater stage, Anna Pavlova danced.

Museums of Manaus

Indian Museum

The community of monks in 1952 created a museum of Indians in the city. There you can find artifacts such as: weapons and household items, clothes, utensils. More than 3,000 items belonging to the Tukano, Yanomani, Wanana, Kobevva, Tariano, Desse and Macu Indians. The museum has a souvenir shop where you can buy unique things handmade by the Indians.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-16:30, from 11:30 to 14:00 – break

Адрес: Rua Duque de Caxias, 356 — Praça 14 de Janeiro/Centro, Tel.: 363—519-22, 323—414-22

Museum of Porto de Manaus

Photos and documents that tell the history of the port and the navigation of the Amazon River. The exposition includes old cars, maps, ships. It is located near the port of Manaus and covers an area of ​​700 sq. m.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, from 12:00 to 14:00 – break

Address: Rua Boulevard Vivaldo Lima, 81 – Centro, tel.: (92) 633-3433

Tirandentes Museum

The Tirandentes Museums is a military police museum where you can find weapons, photographs, statues and medals dating back to the 16th century.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, from 12:00 to 14:00 – break

Address: Praça Heliodoro Balbi, s/n° — Centro, Tel.: (92) 622-4930

Botanical Garden

It covers an area of ​​100 km² and is famous for its huge collection of plants and trees that grow only in the Amazon. Numerous hiking and very picturesque trails have been laid for tourists.

Working hours: Tue-Sun 8:00-18:00

Адрес: Rua Uirapuru, s/n° Cidade de Deus — East Zone, tel.: (92) 638—2282

Park Mindu

The only place in the world where you can still see the very rare and funny uim-de-coleira monkeys.

Working hours: Tue-Sun 9:00-17:00

Address: Avenida Perimetral, s/n° Tel: (92) 236-7702

Amazon Nature Museum

Here is an amazing collection of animals, insects, butterflies and fish that live in the Amazon. Some local fish reach 2 meters in length and weigh almost 150 kg.

Working hours: Tue-Sun 9:00-17:00

Адрес: Estrada de Belém, s/n° Colônia Cachoeira Grande Aleixo, tel.: (92) 644—2799

Manaus, Brazil