Masters in Australia

By | June 23, 2021

Australia – the huge country on the other side of the world beckons with sunshine, exotic flora and fauna and a relaxed lifestyle.

Reasons for the Masters in Australia

A master’s degree in Australia is not only due to the fantastic landscape and good weather, but also to the country’s excellent university system. Australian universities are characterized by a flexible, permeable study system. They have opened up a lot to international students and the Australian Masters degree is internationally recognized. Research and teaching are at a top level worldwide.

The Master in Australia at a glance

The choice of subjects in the master’s programs in Australia is almost inexhaustible. In addition to classic subjects, students can also complete exotic courses of study with a regional focus. These include master’s courses such as Tropical Animal Science, Indigenous Australian Studies or Tropical Environmental Studies. Depending on the subject, students are awarded various titles at the end of their master’s degree. These include:

  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration ( MBA )
  • Master of Laws ( LL.M. )

Master by Coursework and Master by Research

The master’s program is also assigned to the postgraduate section in Australia and usually lasts one to two years. There are two different types of master’s degree:

  • Master by Coursework
  • Master by Research

In the Master by Coursework, similar to the Bachelor’s degree, students take courses that they conclude with exams or homework. This type of master’s degree is therefore similar to the master’s degree in Germany. In the Master by Research, students do their own research and present the results in a thesis.

For students who are planning to do their doctorate in Germany after completing their master’s in Australia, a Master by Coursework is less suitable. In this variant of the master’s program, the students usually do not write a thesis. However, your own research work during the master’s degree is required for a doctorate in Germany. However, there are some coursework programs in which students have the opportunity to qualify for a subsequent doctorate.

After the Masters in Australia

Master’s graduates who have observed the above criterion can do their doctorate with the Australian Master in Germany or in another country. Anyone who has fallen in love with the “red continent” may stay in order to complete the Doctoral Degree, or Ph.D. for short.

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Of course, it is also possible to start your career straight away with an Australian master’s degree. Additional qualifications, such as the English language skills acquired in Australia, intercultural competencies and soft skills such as commitment and independence, are welcome plus points in every application.

Requirements for a Masters degree in Australia

The prerequisite for starting a master’s degree in Australia is a successfully completed bachelor’s degree or a comparable degree (diploma, master’s degree). In addition, most universities require proof of sufficient English skills in the form of a standardized language test such as the IELTS or TOEFL. In some master’s programs, such as the MBA, applicants must have one or more years of professional experience. Often they also have to show good results in academic admission tests such as the GMAT.

Postgraduate studies as a stepping stone to a master’s degree

Students who do not appear to be sufficiently qualified for a master’s degree in Australia and who are initially unable to obtain a master’s degree do not have to despair: In some cases, they still have the option of taking up a master’s degree in Australia via a post-graduate course. These postgraduate courses are called (Post) Graduate Certificates or (Post) Graduate Diplomas. They are open to graduates of a bachelor’s degree and last one to two semesters.

The academic performance of the postgraduate studies can be partly credited to the master. However, the degrees in the postgraduate courses themselves are not recognized in Germany.

Masters in Australia: Costs and Financing

The costs for a master’s degree in Australia range – depending on the university and course – between AUD 20,000 and AUD 37,000 in tuition fees for one year. In addition, there are living costs. The cost of living varies by region and lifestyle.

Opportunities for funding

For students who want to do a Masters in Australia, there are several ways to finance their studies:

  • Scholarships: For example, the Australian universities themselves award various types of scholarships to particularly capable international students. The so-called Endeavor Awards are also interesting. With these, the Australian government sponsors international master’s students who have achieved exceptionally good results with up to AUD 118,500.
  • Job: Students with a student visa can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester, and more during the semester break. This is a great way to add to your own finances in Australia, especially as wages in Australia are relatively high.
  • Education and student loans

Visa and entry requirements in Australia

International students need a student visa to study for a Masters in Australia. You must apply for it online at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection before entering the country. The processing fee for the visa is AUD 550. The student visa includes a work permit. To obtain a student visa, international students must provide proof of specific health insurance to study in Australia. These are the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).


Students should consult an experienced travel doctor well in advance of their departure for Australia. It is recommended to have at least one booster of the standard vaccinations carried out. In some cases, vaccination against hepatitis A and B can also be useful.

Masters in Australia