National University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina)

By | March 3, 2022

National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTreF). Public University of Argentina. It promotes innovative and creative thinking, which investigates and publishes its ideas, with a qualitatively differentiated academic offer; from the local, it seeks to understand global phenomena, and from the global, it seeks to strengthen its regional identity.

Foundation and headquarters

Founded in 1995 by National Law 24,495 with offices in the Buenos Aires towns of Caseros, Saenz Peña and El Palomar, in the Partido de Tres de Febrero and in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in the Borges Cultural Center


  • Headquarters
  • Headquarters Caseros I
  • Caseros II Headquarters
  • Caseros III Headquarters
  • Headquarters Aromos
  • Headquarters Borges Cultural Center
  • Headquarters Florida
  • Headquarters Villa Lynch

Spaces provided by the university

UNTREF produces, acquires and distributes knowledge that reaches people in various ways. The academic and the university extension merge achieving a link with society in the form of sports, information, art and culture, they are:

  • Art Museum opened in 2001
  • MUNTREF; a university publishing house
  • EDUNTREF; an Orchestra of Native Instruments and New Technologies
  • University Center for Culture and Art, (CUCA)
  • Virtual University, (UNTREF Virtual). It is the response to the need to train professionals for the new socioeconomic-labour context, with content of excellence and quality, supported by new communication and information technologies.

Promoted by the National University of Tres de Febrero, this innovative project focuses on the development of a comprehensive space for virtual education and training on the Internet, capable of responding to the demands of a globalized education that crosses borders and fields of knowledge.

It has a high-level academic body with an international profile, trained in virtual teaching, to provide the conceptual tools and achieve a true understanding on the part of the student.

UNTREF developed a virtual training space that combines synchronous elements such as chat and video-conference, with asynchronous elements such as forums, mail and interactive activities.


UNTREF has 20 Research Institutes applied to:

  • Arts
  • Economy
  • Sciences
  • Social politics
  • Historical Studies
  • Cultural diversity
  • Communication
  • Statistics
  • International Studies. It is the work focused on different areas of knowledge, which the university has decided to privilege, channeled through the institutes that develop research, teaching and extension activities.

National University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina)