Nokia N9: Atomizes the highend Smartphone competition?

, The Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has a product on sale, that could really put accents after long time again. The business smartphone with full QWERTY keyboard not only boasts a high quality finish with a lot of metal, but has some power under the hood. This is the technology of Intel, which is in the device due to – here the manufacturers rely on the known processor “ Atom ”, synonymous with mobile NetBook’s power. Also has Nokia allied themselves in the development of the MeeGo operating system with the chip manufacturer and is now with the N9 to Android and iPhone OS on.

Design and processing

, The Nokia N9 will be a real heavyweight. To first of all that striking the well crafted, metallic housing. In combination with the slider mechanism with a full keypad, this should provide for the first points on the scale. Moreover a big battery with superior 1600 mAh – standard 1500 were so far up mAh. On the Internet the Nokia N9 is best known early by the similarity to the Apple MacBook Pro, which also features an aluminum enclosure and is very high quality processed. If Nokia has planned the resemblance? We don’t know, anyway, the Nokia N9 is similarly good as the Apple laptop.


Hardware: Welcome to the year 2011, Nokia!

, The Nokia N9 should be published before the middle of the year, it will set new standards in the context of mobile phones with full keyboard in any case. So far, the HTC desire Z and the Motorola milestone 2 here are the lone front-runner. The former has a fast 800 MHz processor, the milestone has even a gigahertz processor. With the help of Intel processor specialist, Nokia here even dare a 1.2 GHz, processor (Intel Atom, known as netbooks) to undergo. In addition to allegedly joined a powerful graphic unit, which is to do better than older game consoles such as the PlayStation 2. For a QWERTY slider is a more mature performance. Memory, as Nokia also vigorously in the hardware tricks and bought the Nokia N9 unprecedented 768 mb of RAM. This’d probably ensure that MeeGo is very memory hungry or is designed for particularly extensive multi-tasking. So far, no other Smartphone has so much memory. For comparison, the iPhone 4 has only 512mb of RAM. Also in the internal memory, Nokia is confident and promises a whopping 64 gb in addition gb can be expanded via micro SD card 32 more. This should be more than sufficient for the largest music collections and photos. The display should be as an AMOLED display on the Nokia N8. This has a diagonal of 4 ″ and relies on the ClearBlack technology. As resolution 800 × 480 pixels should be sought which corresponds to the common standard of Android smartphones. Wireless-N, Bluetooth 2.1, and HSPA + is supplemented the fast hardware and powerful display of the latest Wi-Fi standard. For the navigation with the Nokia N9 is also still A-GPS integrated with. Even a powerful 12 megapixel camera to still fit in the Nokia N9, that this represents a true hardware and facilities miracle at this time. An HDMI output is available as well as a micro-USB jack for charging and data exchange with a PC. The data are so far not officially – should they so be confirmed in its entirety, a mobile highlight us truly expects in 2011.


MeeGo against the rest of the world

“ Symbian is dead, long live MeeGo! ”, so Nokia could have imagined it. But what has created Intel in collaboration with Nokia, still not really has gotten to the public. So far only a few developer versions on YouTube can be seen, which tend to make a mixed impression and still not really competitive look. It is certainly hard to say whether this will be so in the final version of MeeGo. We just hope that Nokia creates the break with Intel together and is visually and technically by Symbian can remove. In any case, the operating system, as also the Nokia N9, now at the MWC’s mobile radio show will be presented. Focus of MeeGo: social networks, like the competitors Microsoft and the Windows phone 7 operating system. We will see what awaits us with MeeGo and of course in the bridgat blog report, if the new OS with Android and iPhone OS can keep.

Availability and price

, The MacBook Pro mobile Nokia N9 will be presented at the MWC in February 2011. Thus, an idea is probably not really realistic before April of this year, also due to the really enthusiatischen hardware. But who are looking for a QWERTY slider, all combined at least the rumors, what is currently technically possible should stay tuned, because the Nokia N9 is a prime candidate for a Nokia comeback 2011. price is the Nokia N9 but certainly just as expensive as it is high quality. Else is to be expected in view of the complete package of hardware in combination with a great finish. If you want to be informed, as soon as we can offer the Nokia N9, simply click on the article page of your Smartphone, and then click “ notification when available ”. You receive from us after registration your email address free email, if the Smartphone can be offered.