Nokia N9 – first MeeGo Smartphone with aluminium housing?

, The Nokia N8 is not even available in the bridgat shop and already Guide make the Nokia N9 of the round. The first MeeGo Smartphone, that unofficially due to its high-quality aluminium optics as a “ MacBook Pro mobile ” traded is, to be a real highlight technically and visually. Is the Nokia N9’s new workhorse and pulls the cart from the dirt? We unveil the phone and make a prognosis.


Nokia N8 successor?

Although the Nokia N9 is called so that you would have to think it’s the Nokia N8 successor. It bears too much resemblance to the Nokia N8, but is probably a slightly different notch, with regard to the target group. With a full keyboard and the open-source operating system MeeGo, the Nokia N9 will be an addition to the Nokia N8. It should be regarded N900 as the successor of the Nokia, which is quite similar to the form factor and the style. The Nokia N9 is likely due to the conversion of Nokia products on MeeGo but not such a “ niche ” how are the Nokia N900 that customer has found only limited and has never addressed the broad mass of users.

Technology rumors around the Nokia N9

First of all, the full QWERTY keyboard in the eye, the Nokia N9 is equipped with the falls. Also the resemblance to the Nokia N8 is unmistakable. But the Nokia N9 accents other: while the Nokia N8 is technically rather reserved, but is equipped with an excellent camera, even a Xenon has Flash, the Nokia N9 is a Smartphone with top hardware. At least at the present time, the Nokia N9 it would be competitive, though not outstanding. Inside, a gigahertz working processor from House of Qualcomm, 512 mb available memory to the side of the. Unprecedented 64 are gb specified as internal memory – depending on the release date, this is more or less unlikely, because the memory prices have long been very consistent, so much internal memory would make the equipment very expensive. Even Apple could not double the memory that the iPhone 4 as the previous years. This would have been just disproportionately expensive. It should be clear that all current Wi-Fi connection standards will be integrated N, HSDPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth.


For ’ s eye: AMOLED display, HD video and HDMI output

with a 4 ″ display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, the Nokia N9 is as big as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. For many users, this size may represent the maximum tolerated. There are not a large slider phone with AMOLED display so far. The Motorola milestone is a 3.7 ″ display, is still a little small. More on ’ s offers the camera eye: these can record HD video at 30 frames per second. The recorded movies can then via a HDMI output directly on compatible devices, as emitted E.g. the home TV or video projector. The normal function of the camera should have supposedly 12 megapixels and a dual LED flash. I think this but avoidable competition for the Nokia N8 and the technical feasibility in a flat housing with QWERTY keyboard for unrealistic.

For the hands: aluminium unibody enclosure

Not only the keyboard is a joy for the feel of the device – typing on a real keyboard is always better than on a virtual keyboard on the touch screen. The aluminium unibody enclosure of the Nokia N9 should not only very high-quality look, but also haptically do a lot here. That’s why the Nokia N9 also long before the publication of the nickname has “ MacBook Pro mobile ”. Also the Apple MacBook has a case made of a cast, which makes a high-quality impression. This will lead probably ultimately but also that the Nokia N9 is a heavyweight. Already, the Motorola milestone with a smaller display and without much metal weighs a whopping 165 g. How Nokia gets this grip, remains to be seen.

MeeGo premiere – never Symbian?

On the Nokia N9 no more Symbian should be used, but the successor to maemo, which has already won many fans on the Nokia N900 because of the diverse ways. So far, there is little information about the platform developed by Nokia and Intel together.

Availability and price

Sure some specifications for the Nokia N9 will be still corrected, because the device should come at the end of the year. So far Nokia has not gigahertz smartphones to be thrown, why should they drive it now at once with a new device at the top. I think that here the expectations still clearly should be scaled back. Finally, the Nokia N8 is not even available and equipped with at least vermintlich significantly worse hardware. Should the technical details and Nokia a presentable operating system combine all of this with a high-quality housing, and above all, the Nokia N9 could be a real highlight for the end of 2010. For the price, I can only say: the Nokia N9 is no bargain, but perhaps with the corresponding tariff affordable, we will offer you in the bridgat shop for publication. Until then you can like to continue to pursue the bridgat blog or find out from us free of charge, as soon as the Nokia N9 is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the Nokia N9, and then click “ notification when available ”. You will then receive by E-Mail!