Pokemon GO Tea Will No Longer Transfer Several PokéMon at The Same Time, and Other Changes

We are waiting for that Niantic decides to include a hundred additional Pokemon in its augmented reality, and that in theory we see imminently, but meanwhile we can comply with the version 0.49.1 that already is Google poised to Play.

This update adds some more information screens partner Pokemon, gyms and pokemon, but without doubt the most important change and that it will make more than one exclaim “it was already time!” is the possibility of transfer at the same time more than one Pokemon Professor Wilow. About time!

Blessed be the multiple selection

Until now, if you’ve captured 100 pidgeys which you wanted to undo to collect the same amount of candy, should suffer, and long. The game does not makes it very easy and its layers upon layers design makes the task incredibly boring. You must play in the pokemon, touch menu, touch in transferring and finally confirm. Now multiply that by 100%.

With this update you can Select multiple pokemon in one fell swoop and then transfer them all at once, It will save a lot of time after a session of intensive hunting.

More information on several screens

In addition to this change, Pokémon GO shows more information in the following sections:

  • In a gym, Displays the type of pokemon before and during a battle icons
  • In a pokemon information It shows how many miles has toured with en companion mode.
  • In the companion Pokemon window It shows how many sweets have to walk with your friend base.

These changes will come to your game as soon as the update reaches Google Play. Niantic warns that it is in process, so it should not take more than a few hours or long days. About 100 additional pokemon of time without news….