Quantum leap of the quantity: 100,000 Android apps in sight

Already a few months ago we reported on the rapid increase in the number of app in the Android market. In April, there were still about 50,000 applications in the Google market – an impressive number. We had already announced in the former report that growth would still continue to rise, but the number of more than 90,000 apps is already breathtaking. Rival Apple has in the its Appstore currently 200,000 apps listed, is growing but not as fast as Google Android for long.

Quantum leap through quantity?

The number of applications in the Google market is increasing inexorably, that’s for sure in any case. According to statistics from androidlib.com, more than 15,000 new apps in the Google market were put online in June. Rival Apple is there much slower. But what is it? It’s simple: Google has much lower demands on the approval of an app in the Google market, so that not only the quantity increases rapidly, but also seems unfortunately continues to decline the quality of applications. So it’s a one-way quantum leap, because the high number is achieved often by multiple versions of the same apps, useless mini programs, wallpaper packs in different variations and the like. What a pity! Apple was heavily criticised although now for censorship in the Appstore, but this overall quality still well ahead of competitor Google. Unfortunately, the Google market of less is open, so that you researched the best after good apps on the Internet. Otherwise, it is difficult to filter out in the jungle of useless right. If you then but has found out a recommendation on the Internet, you will find the corresponding app in the Google market too quickly. For this purpose, but also 60% of Google apps are free. In the Apple Appstore, there are only 28%. Installing software from other sources when Android is also easily possible.

Best Android smartphones

A series of Android smartphones is currently available, which are highly recommended. For one, the HTC is because legend with an alluminum aluminium housing in a handy format. This Android is technically processing model currently quite far front and the technology is right: 600 MHz processor and all modern interfaces by Wi-Fi, HSDPA and Bluetooth via A-GPS for navigation via mobile phone. Who needs more and better wants a large-format display attacks S. currently the best to the HTC desire or Samsung I9000 Galaxy At Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 is currently the highlight with Google Android.