Reasons to Study in Australia

By | June 19, 2021

Are you wondering why you should do a semester abroad in Australia ? Or why is it worth going to Australia for a complete degree? Here are the top reasons to study in Australia:

1. First-class university landscape

One of the reasons for studying in Australia is the excellent Australian higher education landscape. Australia is known for educational institutions that offer excellent study conditions. The Australian higher education sector consists of universities, TAFE institutions and private educational institutions. Universities in Australia must meet government standards. This is for quality assurance in Australian higher education. The high quality of Australian universities is regularly reflected in international university rankings. The universities that are members of the Group of Eight particularly stand out hereare, an Australian university association. These are among the top 200 universities in the world in the major international rankings.

2. Internationality of Australian universities

Another of our reasons for studying in Australia is the internationality of Australian universities. If you travel to Australia to study abroad, you will not only meet local students there. The proportion of international students at Australian universities has risen sharply over the past few decades. Today is it at 25 percent. Students from Asian countries make up the largest group of international students. In Australia there are even special means of quality assurance for international students with the ESOS Act, CRICOS and the National Code. Australian universities are therefore very well prepared for students from abroad.

3. Special study programs for international students

How welcome international students are at Australian universities is also shown by the fact that the universities offer special study abroad programs. Students who do not want to complete a full bachelor ‘s or master’ s degree in Australia have the opportunity to come to Australia for one or two semesters abroad. The students in these special semester programs are not assigned to a specific semester or course of study. You can freely compose your schedule. This makes it easier for students to choose courses that can be credited towards studying at their home university. If you like, you can think outside the box of your own subject and take courses from completely new subject areas. International students also have the opportunity to attend a university in Australia a language course to demonstrate, to improve their English skills.

4. New opportunities through Australian degrees

Good reasons for studying in Australia can also be the opportunities that country-specific Australian degrees can open up. In addition to the internationally widespread Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees, there are a few other degrees in the Australian study system. On the one hand, Australian universities offer the possibility of postgraduate studies with the degrees Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma. Those who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree can complete such a postgraduate degree in Australia. Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma are issued in Germany not recognized as an independent degree. However, some of them are still interesting for international students: Students who are not sufficiently qualified for their desired master’s degree in Australia can use a postgraduate course as a stepping stone to the desired master’s degree. The achievements made in the postgraduate course can even be partially credited. In addition, it is also possible to use these postgraduate courses as further training and thus acquire an interesting additional qualification.

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The Vocational Education and Training (VET) degrees are also country- specific. This is Australia’s vocational sector. The degrees Certificate I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma are awarded here. These degrees are also not recognized in Germany. But you can for prospective students without school a door opener to study at a university in Australia represent. Access to a VET course is partly possible even without a university entrance qualification. A higher-level VET degree can qualify for a bachelor’s degree at an Australian university. In some cases, the VET degree can be credited towards the course, so that the graduates can even enter a higher semester of the bachelor’s course.

5. Unique subjects and new approaches

A full study abroad program in Australia provides the opportunity to earn a degree in a unique or rare field of study. This aspect should of course not be missing from our list of reasons for studying in Australia. Study abroad students can get a taste of such subjects during their semester abroad and thus broaden their horizons. Australian universities offer some subjects that are country or region specific. These include, for example

  • Indigenous Australian Studies
  • Tropical Animal Science
  • Tropical Urban and Regional Planning
  • Tropical Veterinary.

In subjects that are more widespread, international students can benefit from regionally-specific approaches: The marine biology degree at James Cook University, for example, focuses on tropical areas. Budding forest scientists, for example, are faced with different tasks than in Germany in view of the circumstances in Australia. During their studies abroad or semester abroad, students have the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge with which they stand out on the domestic job market.

6. Discover the “red continent” Australia

The reasons for studying in Australia are not just about the great university system. It is not for nothing that the country at the other end of the world is also a dream destination for many tourists. It inspires with fascinating natural landscapes with highlights such as the Ayers Rock, the Blue Mountains or the Great Barrier Reef as well as a fascinating world of flora and fauna. Visitors from all over the world can also explore vibrant Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane or relax on sunny beaches. For international students, there is a lot to see and experience in Australia outside of the university.

The tour guide from offers many helpful tips on the various types of travel, recommended activities and route recommendations.

7. Improve language skills and acquire intercultural skills

A semester abroad or full study abroad in Australia is a great way for international students to improve their English skills. After all, there is ample opportunity to talk to native speakers.

Since there are a lot of international students in Australia, not only contacts with Australians are made. Rather, students can get to know people from different countries and cultures around the world. Contact with locals and other international students promotes the development of one’s own intercultural skills. They are becoming more and more important in today’s professional and everyday life.

Reasons to Study in Australia