Samsung & Motorola against Apple: Advertising with bite

The problem that currently under the term “ Antennagate ” is traded (reception problems with the iPhone 4), has caused not only for discussions within the mobile phone industry and various Internet forums, but is now also further outwards. So far Apple has established, a page distract from the own problems, where you can see that other cell phone reception issues have, if you hold it in a certain way. The manufacturer of course deny that and say with your units, there would be no problems. Now some interesting advertisements from Samsung and Motorola to Apple followed by ….

Motorola: droid X vs. Apple iPhone

Currently, the droid X is developed by Motorola. It will continue the success story of the Motorola milestone and be published in the United States with strong hardware, that iPhone 4 can quite compete with the: 4.3 ″ display (like the HTC HD2), 1 GHz processor and 512 mb of RAM. Of course, even Android is installed. And … that promotes Motorola obviously deliberately: there is no additional cover (in relation to the iPhone 4 “ bumper ”) necessary to call with the droid X – this is of course an argument for sale!

Also Samsung plays on against Apple

The Galaxy S is one of the iPhone 4 competitors at all without the taunts. With a 4 ″ Super-AMOLED display with 800 × 480 resolution, 1 GHz processor, strong graphics performance and 512 mb of RAM is that Galaxy S represent a real alternative to the iPhone 4, but only about the half of Apple’s Smartphone will cost. Because let Samsung of course not to be missed, to taunt a bit against Apple and shows with advertising with the simple inscription “ Hello ”, that you can call even with full reception with this phone.