Samsung Galaxy tab 2 with more DPI than Apple retina display?

Currently, some rumours about the Galaxy tab are really succeeded in circulation, the the name “ rumor ” more than deserve. According to a YouTube video, the Tablet is a 7 ″ Super AMOLED (to hold up at this point) with a display resolution of 2048 × 1200 pixels (whopping 350 DPI, the Apple retina display has “ only ” 326 DPI). Why this statement is not credible? 1st AMOLED displays of 4 ″ diagonal cost much money and are currently just not profitable producible. 2. Samsung wants to build a super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1200 × 600 pixels according to own statements on the display exhibition FPD. 3. Apart from the AMOLED technology is currently not feasible, such a resolution that will display when the iPad retina 2 by analysts strongly doubted. That the display is designed to support 3D from Android 3.0, is also highly questionable, especially in combination with the high resolution. You imagine, the Galaxy tab would with Super-AMOLED technology and the mentioned resolution even latest 50 ″ full HD 3D TV in the resolution and color display distance. If we find credible information about the Galaxy tab 2, keep like you but of course informed!