Samsung I9000 successor: I9200 Galaxy S with Android 3.0?

* Update *: the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 from the rumor stage is out now. Look in our article about the new Samsung Smartphone to learn about design, equipment, technology and price.
With the I9000 Galaxy S, Samsung is currently showing Apple, where the Android hangs hammer. More competition is reportedly already in the first quarter of 2011 and Samsung shows again that it constantly continues with the development of mobile phones. If the rumors are true, the Samsung I9200 Galaxy will set new best marks to S in many areas. True HD resolution on a 4.3 ″ Super AMOLED 2 display is only a feature of the new Super smartphones.

Fast, faster, Samsung I9200 Galaxy S

so far, we’ve seen a steady evolution of mobile technology. Auch Apple has not broken through this evolution with the release of the iPhone 4. The features are known, only as a high resolution mobile phone there so far only in exceptional cases. Samsung has set itself currently S with the Samsung I9000 Galaxy at the top of the Smartphone, at least with regard to the hardware. But now the main attraction at the Samsung I9200 Galaxy S: a gigahertz processor to Potter in the Smartphone. But not just one gigahertz, but a dual core. This would be not only the first dual core processor in a mobile phone at all, but even just a variant with 2 x one gigahertz. The superlatives don’t stop but this. The 4.3 ″ great Super AMOLED 2 screen to a fabulous resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, so have a HD resolution (720 p). Also the memory has doubled compared to the Samsung Galaxy S on a gigabyte. Of course the Super flat Smartphone with interfaces is full: Wi-Fi, A-GPS, HSDPA, including HSUPA are already a matter of course. The camera also will dominate of course HD video. This hardware power also HD videos in 1080 p is expected can play the phone.

With Android 3.0 without TouchWiz?

Android 3.0 to a feast will be finally and eliminate the need for user interfaces of the manufacturer. The improvements of version Android 2.2 are of course also applied so that we can assume a tremendous speed. This would be the first Samsung Android device without own GUI.

Availability and price

Of course, the Samsung I9200 Galaxy S is a rumor and to a rather daring. I even start from scratch: A successor to the Galaxy S of course nothing precludes. The Samsung Smartphone is a top seller and the iPhone 4 competitor. Flat the Galaxy S is also, so that when the successor to a still gentler variant is not excluded. Also the display I can imagine good resolution in HD format, in particular in order to have even an argument against the also very high-resolution retina display. Somewhat less likely, however, the transition from one is on my opinion 1 gigahertz processor a dual core GHz processor. I think this crack is slightly hyped, but let us still surprise by Samsung. Of course you read everything else to the Samsung I9200 Galaxy in the blog bridgat.