Samsung S5600 and S5230 – the two smart new music recognition software

Samsung brings two new touchscreen devices on the market in this quarter: the S5600 and the S5230. Where are the differences where similarities?

Appearances, general data and equipment

are both devices that are operated via TouchWiz touch screen. Visually, they are very similar. Both are elegant, black slider, which are very well in hand. The S5230 is slightly longer than the S5600 which measures 102.9 mm with 104 millimetres. The S5600 is a tad bit wider and deeper (54.8 x 12.9 mm against 53 x 11.9 mm). The S5230 has a much longer battery life than the sister unit. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, 792 hours is the talk time of 10 hours (as opposed to three hours) and the stand-by (S5600: 300 hours!). Both models have the common standards, such as M3 players, (even the radio), email client, calendar and camera of course.

Camera functions

Both the S5600 and the S5230 have 3.1 Megapixels, face recognition, as well as different picture modes, etc.. Only the S5600 has a Flash. Also a vierfacher digital zoom are fitted with this device, the other only a double. Another advantage of the S5600: It provides geotagging. This function provides photos of the recording via GPS with information. Upload it later to appropriate portals, they are classified on a Google map right. (To read more …) The two mobile phones can also create video recordings.

Call options

but only the S5600 supports video telephony. Both devices offer call waiting, brokering and hold, Conference calls, and have a built-in speakerphone. Caller groups you can also of course summarize.

Data transmission and Internet

, The S5600 offers HSDPA, to ensure faster downloading of large amounts of data. And also just the S5600 is UMTS capable. The S5230 supports only the transmission standards EDGE and GPRS. Both phones can be synchronized with the PC. You have no infrared interface, but via Bluetooth.

Music identification software SHAZAM

, A special feature is the music recognition software “ SHAZAM ”, which is installed on both devices. You record only the snippet of a song with your mobile phone and send it anschlileßend to SHAZAM. The software then detects the desired title and give you the information.

Conclusion: both are good all-rounders, with the Samsung S5600 some-more features and provides in particular a faster mobile Internet access via HSDPA,.

At can be ordered immediately both devices. The Samsung S5230 is also available immediately, the Samsung S5600 shortly. The appearance of the S5600 lets you get information without any obligation by


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