Services Offered by Universities in Australia

By | June 15, 2021

Universities in Australia strive to provide the best possible support to students. This does not only apply to academic matters. You also want to be there for the students outside of the lectures. That is why there are numerous services for students in Australia that affect both the academic and private spheres. International students in particular, who have to find their way in a new environment far from home, can benefit from the many services offered by universities in Australia.

International Office

The first point of contact for the many international students is the International Office of the Australian university. At some universities, students enroll in their courses through the International Office. You can also contact this office if you wish to change your courses. The International Office is often involved in the orientation week. Sometimes it organizes excursions or other events for international students. The International Office can help students with questions and problems or refer them to the appropriate offices.

Student Union / Student Association

The Student Union, also known as the Student Association or Student Guild depending on the university, is an organization run by students. She advocates student issues and is active in university politics. Advising students on specific topics is also one of their tasks. In this respect it is similar to the AStA in Germany. Often times, the Student Union also organizes the various clubs and societies that students can join. The Student Union also organizes various events such as parties. It is therefore very important for campus life in Australia.

Counseling services for students in Australia

The services offered by universities in Australia also include various counseling offers. The students not only receive advice on academic matters, but also on career issues, financial matters or personal problems.

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The Learning Center offers students support in learning for the university. It is there to give students of all subjects the basic skills they need to successfully complete their studies. For example, if you have problems with writing papers, you can get tips from the Learning Center, for example with regard to good structuring. The facilities offer individual appointments or workshops in small groups. In some cases, the students also have the opportunity to improve their English skills or subject-specific, such as mathematical, skills.

Students who are already planning for the time after their graduation can contact the Career Center of their university and get advice on career issues. Students experience support when they do

  • do not yet know which job they want to take up with their degree.
  • soon finish their studies and already looking for a job.
  • want to work alongside their studies.

The Career Center also often offers application training.

At universities in Australia qualified consultants (offer Counselors ) the students help in all situations. Anyone suffering from problems at university, homesickness, stress, family or relationship problems or culture shock can take advantage of counseling.

When it comes to financial matters, some students at universities in Australia receive advice from a financial services team. This gives, for example, tips on how to manage the budget or provides information on tax law issues.

Other services at Australian universities

In addition to the International Office, the Students Union and various advisory services, the universities in Australia have numerous other services for students. The actual offer may vary depending on the university. Further service offers include:

  • Airport transfer: Many universities offer students the service of picking them up at the airport after their arrival in Australia.
  • Accommodation Service: Here students can find information about accommodation options on or off campus. Room or apartment advertisements are often available via a bulletin board or a database. In some cases, the Accommodation Service also helps with questions and problems relating to tenancy law.
  • IT Support: Many universities have IT support that students can turn to if they have problems with their PC.
  • Health center: If students have health problems, they can visit the campus nurse. Larger universities sometimes even employ several doctors and nurses on campus. Sometimes there is also a pharmacy there.
  • Campus daycare centers: To support students with children, many large universities in Australia have set up campus daycare centers where trained educators supervise the little ones.
  • Disabilitiy Support Services: Many universities in Australia have support services for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. This can include the provision of assistive technologies and other aids.
  • Campus Security: Ensures security on campus. Those who do not like to move around the campus in the dark can have a security guard escort them to the dormitory or to the car.
  • Activities / Recreation Office: Here students can get tips on how to spend their free time and information about events.
  • Student support for students: In many cases, international students can receive tutoring from students from higher semesters.

Services Offered by Universities in Australia