Sheregesh – a Ski Resort for the Whole Family

In the south of the Kemerovo region, in the Mountain Shoria massif, not far from Altai, there is the Sheregesh ski resort. Among the ski resorts in Russia, Sheregesh is considered one of the most popular and most equipped in Western Siberia.

According to Topschoolsintheusa, more than a million tourists a year, over 3,500 meters of prepared trails, high-quality communications and the Internet – this has become possible over the thirty-year history of the competent development of the resort. Today it is a developed infrastructure, new health resorts, European-level tracks, modern lifts and parking lots for vehicles.

Where is the ski resort Sheregesh

Looking at the map of Russia, you can see the Sheregesh ski resort in the very center of Siberia, at the intersection of three Altai ridges, 4 kilometers from the village of the same name. On 5 slopes (Medvezhonok, Mustang, Utuya, Kurgan, Zelenaya Gora) there are the most snow-covered slopes with a length of 170 kilometers from north to south.

The weather of the Sheregesh ski resort contributes to a long skiing season (from November to May). A wide range of services for vacationers regardless of age, interesting events attract tourists from all over the country with their variety. So, one of the brightest events is the annual Grelka Fest, the main condition of which is the descent in bathing suits.

Rest in Sheregesh in winter

If you don’t know where to go for New Year holidays in Russia, give your family a winter vacation in Sheregesh. Despite the significant distance from the central regions of the state, according to tourists, Sheregesh is surprisingly beautiful in winter.

According to a large number of outdoor enthusiasts, they spent a great vacation here. The beauty of the mountains, equipped trails of different levels, convenient equipment rental, friendly instructors, many cafes were especially appreciated by vacationers. “Atmospheric” is the exact definition of this resort, which combines relaxation, sports and increased comfort.

The slopes of the Sheregesh ski resort: who will suit?

The weather conditions typical for this climatic zone directly affect the thickness of the snow cover. Due to the unusual structure, softness and fluffiness, the snow in these parts received the popular name “powder”. It does not compact, which ultimately minimizes the risk of mountain avalanches.

15 slopes with a length of about 35 thousand meters are equipped with 18 lifts. For experienced skiers, the popular slopes “Dollar”, “Elena” (the most difficult), “Panorama” with three sections with different slopes deserve attention. Trails for beginners differ in the angle of descent (no more than 10 degrees). Here adults and children can learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding with the help of experienced instructors.

Extreme sportsmen in the winter season at the Sheregesh ski resort can ride 15 kilometers of slopes and feel the freedom of flight, which include such a sport as freeride. Every year, freeride tours are organized here, giving thrills to the most experienced and daring skiers.

Ski resort Sheregesh: prices in hotels, cafes and restaurants

It is difficult to imagine a good rest without visiting interesting events, cafes, restaurants. In the Sheregesh ski resort, hotels provide services for every taste, taking into account different financial possibilities. There are more than 70 of them, and most of them are located in the immediate vicinity of the tracks. The cost of living starts from 1800 rubles / day, depending on the proposed living conditions. In addition, by renting a room in a private house or renting a separate apartment with a kitchen, you can significantly save the family budget.

Prices in cafes and restaurants vary, you can find both a budget option and premium establishments. So, small establishments Skovoroda, Teremok, Karitshal will surprise you with democratic prices, and fans of VIP-level establishments will like Nebo cafe, Alpen Club restaurant, Ays Bunker club. The average cost of lunch per person is 350 rubles, dinner without alcohol will cost about 1200 rubles. If you want to save the family budget, consider renting an apartment with a small kitchen where you can cook breakfast or dinner on your own. And in the afternoon, have a bite to eat in local cafes, not looking up from the pleasant process of skiing.

What to see in winter

You can diversify active skiing holidays, you can learn the unknown by going on an excursion to local attractions. Lovers of history and mysticism will be able to learn a lot of new information by visiting the Azasskaya cave (35 km from the slopes) in the Shorsky National Park. According to legend, local hunters saw footprints of Bigfoot and Yeti here. In winter, you can take a snowmobile tour, which will add a “sea” of positive to your unforgettable trip.

The attention of tourists is attracted by a strange house of two floors with a roof on the ground. The inverted structure creates complete disorientation in space and is an ideal location for unusual photo shoots.

A strong contrast will be a visit to the Gulag Museum, which is located 80 kilometers from Shergesh. Labor camps, established many years ago, today are an exact copy of those times – with barbed wire and watchtowers. There is a real bathhouse, a room for the penalty box, a dining room and living quarters for prisoners.

How to get to the ski resort Sheregesh?

The nearest town of Novokuznetsk to the complex is located at a distance of 164 km. Barnaul, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaisk are located within a radius of 500 km. For those who want to get there by car, we recommend paying attention to the route from Novokuznetsk or from Gorno-Altaisk through Turochak (200 km).

Relatively cheap tickets can be bought on a plane from Novosibirsk airport, while a car trip to the resort from this city will be 500 km. As an alternative, consider taking the train from Novokuznetsk to Kondom or Tashtagol, which is the regional and administrative center.

The development of the resort continues today. It provides for the construction of 39 ski slopes, 21 lifts, the purchase of an artificial snow installation, the construction of a hotel complex for 5 thousand people, 40 cottages, restaurants, cafes, attractions, sports and entertainment facilities.

Sports and entertainment complex Sheregesh is exactly the place where conditions for comfortable outdoor activities, new discoveries and trips into the past are created. If you have visited this resort – share your comments below. Perhaps your reviews of hotels, trails and interesting places to visit will help others plan their ideal holiday.

Sheregesh - a Ski Resort for the Whole Family