Sheregesh, Russia

By | November 30, 2022

According to baglib, the Sheregesh ski resort, located near the village of the same name, is the main winter center of attraction in the “Siberian Switzerland” – the picturesque region of Mountain Shoria. During the season, almost everyone who has not rushed to conquer ski resorts abroad gathers here: excellent “cold” snow, stable snow cover, superbly developed infrastructure – everything in Sheregesh is conducive to exciting skiing. And the prices are moderate, which can not but rejoice.

In 1995, the resort received the FIS certificate, giving it the right to host international competitions. So don’t be surprised if you meet world-famous ski stars here.

How to get to Sheregesh

The nearest airport to Sheregesh is in Novokuznetsk, 160 km away. By plane from Moscow Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports, you can get there in 4.5 hours, round-trip tickets will cost from 17,000 RUB, depending on the carrier (flights are operated by Aeroflot, Es Seven and Nord Wind).

Trains from Moscow to Novokuznetsk run from Kazansky railway station. Travel time is almost 2.5 days, tickets for the reserved seat – from 10,800 RUB. But this option is with a transplant.

In the winter season (from the end of November), those wishing to get to the resort can use the “train + bus” or “airplane + bus” system. You will need to drive or fly through Novokuznetsk, and then transfer to a comfortable bus that will take you directly to the resort. Tickets can be issued on the Russian Railways website, the bus fare is from 400 RUB.

A popular way to get to Sheregesh is via Novosibirsk. By plane from Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo airports, it takes 4 hours to fly here, for round-trip tickets they will charge from 9500 RUB. A direct train runs from Kazansky railway station. The trip will take 2 days and 1 hour, tickets – from 6310 RUB.

A taxi from Novosibirsk airport to the resort costs from 9000 RUB, from Novokuznetsk – from 3300 RUB.

Sheregesh Hotels

The resort has a large selection of hotels and private guest houses, there are even hostels and camp sites. The cost of accommodation in a standard double room during the season starts from about 4400 RUB. Almost all hotels are equipped with Wi-Fi, sauna and offer a lot of additional services. What is especially pleasant is that even the highest hotel complexes here have a maximum of 4-5 floors, which adds coziness and creates an atmosphere of an alpine village.

Traditionally, the most expensive rooms will be closer to the ski lifts and slopes, so if you want to save money, you can look for a hotel 3-4 km from the station. Or book an apartment: the private sector in the resort is also flourishing, the approximate cost is from 1500 RUB.


The main routes of Sheregesh are located along Mount Mustag and the eastern slope of Mount Karitshal (translated from Shor – “the end of the mane, mountain range”), which also has a Russian name – Zelenaya. The mountain got its second name for its color. The Zelena pistes are considered among the best not only in Siberia, but also in Russia as a whole and can be recommended to skiers of almost any level. The championships of Russia were repeatedly held here, the Siberian festival in snowboarding and paragliding competition for the Cup of Siberia has become traditional.

Sheregesh tracks

At present, 15 pistes have been laid on the mountain with a length of up to 5000 m with a height difference of 630 m. The width of the pistes ranges from 50 to 200 m, which allows you to diversify the options for descents. Some trails have a long gentle slope, which is quite safe for children and beginners to ride.

The 2000 m long track is quite difficult and has practically no local flat sections, so it can only be recommended for confident skiers, lovers of steep slopes and high speeds. The 2.5-kilometer downhill track, with a small number of skiers, turns into an extremely “outrageous” place for thrill-seekers.

By the end of winter, an impromptu half-pipe section is created at the bottom of the route. In terms of difficulty, these tracks can be described as complicated blue and red.

Sheregesh is now “on the rise”: it is planned to open 39 slopes instead of 15, 21 ski lifts and a large hotel complex for 5 thousand guests.

Lifts and ski passes

The resort has 20 lifts of various types: ski lifts, chairlifts, gondola lifts. In a word, no one heard about the queue for the lift in Sheregesh.

The cost of a single subscription to the ski lifts Cascade, Sector E, GeshFly, No. 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 for 1 day is 2300 RUB. This is the most profitable option for versatile skiing on all slopes. You can purchase separate ski passes for a day or more for your favorite sections of Sheregesh, you can read more about the types of tickets at the office. website.


In the vicinity of Mount Mustag, there are unique opportunities for off-piste skiing: no avalanche danger, bald patches and light forests, a wide range of slope steepness, small hillocks and jumps. You can ride both on the slopes of Zelenaya, overgrown with low forests, and directly on Mustaga itself along the kurums hidden under the snow.

A separate type of entertainment is jumping from the snow ledges on Mount Kurgan. Due to the huge amount of snow, most flights are relatively safe and breathtakingly beautiful (from 2 to 12 m free flight).

What to bring

The main local souvenir, the name of which fully reflects its essence, is Spotykach. Alcoholic tincture made from natural berries with a bright taste of prunes, sold everywhere in Sheregesh. No less popular are all kinds of claws and teeth of wild animals, woven into souvenir talismans. You can buy such a curiosity on the descent from Mount Zelenaya, where a spontaneous bazaar is scattered every day. Right there: magnets, pipes, plates, household utensils – mostly hand-made.

Cafes and restaurants of Sheregesh

Sheregesh is an absolutely European resort in terms of après-ski and food. There are both first-class restaurants where you can’t come in ski boots, and wild open terraces, where mulled wine flows like water, skiers’ bright suits dazzle in the eyes, and fashionable “tynz-tynz” drowns out the roar of the roaming crowd. Moreover, such establishments are open both on the slopes and in the village.

Sheregesh is an absolutely European resort in terms of après-ski and food. There are both first-class restaurants where you can’t come in ski boots, and open terraces where mulled wine flows like water.

The average cost of a lunch with barbecue or something more satisfying is from 1000 RUB, depending on your appetite. Or you can go on a budget – in one of the fast foods, more like the good old Soviet canteens.

Entertainment and attractions

In terms of cultural attractions, Sheregesh is not impressive: there is an “Inverted House”, where you can go on an excursion once. But in natural terms, this region is amazing, rich, beautiful. But in winter, you can’t get to most of the sights except on snowmobiles or skis. Therefore, the most popular excursions here are with guides.

A favorite route among tourists is to the metal Poklonny Cross on Mount Kurgan, reaching a height of 15.5 m. Along the way, along the western part of the Mustag massif, you can see the protruding rocks-remnants of the “Camels”. A little further from Sheregesh and its slopes is the famous Azas cave. According to legend, it was here that traces of an unknown yeti creature were found. Another worthy “must-see” is in the village of Ust-Anzas, this is the open-air ethnographic museum “Tazgol”.

The village has several nightclubs, a casino and a bowling alley. Almost every hotel has a sauna, and billiards are often found. In winter, the skating rink is open.

4 things to do in Sheregesh

  1. Climb on a snowmobile to the gigantic cross 15.5 m high towering over Sheregesh.
  2. Take a steam bath to your heart’s content, then sit down for a sincere conversation with a cup of tea with honey and pine nuts.
  3. Participate in the annual race in a swimsuit or crazy carnival costume.
  4. Take a picture with the Sheregesh Yeti – a rather naturalistic sculpture that stands in the very center of the resort.


The climate of Sheregesh is temperate continental with rather warm summers and cold winters. But frost does not harm skating at all, and even helps. Indeed, in Sheregesh, according to professionals, the snow is unique – light and flying, “cold”, which, moreover, falls on a significant thickness – up to 120 cm.

Skiing season: from mid-November to early May.

Sheregesh, Russia