Sony Ericsson Yari – the game professional – with an integrated motion sensor

We have yesterday already on the new SonyEricsson generation blogged. Today there are now more accurate info about the Yari. The Sony Ericsson Yari is the first mobile phone with clear gaming focus that brings out the manufacturers outside of the Japanese market. 100 x 48 x 16 mm is small and has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. 

Playing with movements

ability is outstanding on the Yari movements to recognize and to use it for games. In the so-called “ gesture games ” a camera on the inside captures the movements of the upper body and arms. EC500-associated bracket can be easily mobile on, to play games such as fitness and tennis. But the Yari can do even more: much like the Nintendo Wii motion sensors can at the “ motion games ” recognize hand gestures. But also traditional 2D or 3D games on the Yari with the conventional A/B buttons can be played. Mobile user will come the Yari with security on your cost with a pronounced play drive.

The display and other facts

The mobile phone with 240 × 320 pixel large TFT display has on its front side only four large shortcut buttons. The keypad is herausschiebar. It’s so a slider. It supports all four GSM networks and quad-band phone features UMTS, EDGE and even HSDPA for fast and flexible browsing on the Internet. Furthermore has the Sony Ericsson Yari Bluetooth, A-GPS and an integrated FM radio with RDS function. It is so lavishly equipped for a mid-range phone.

Features at a glance

The integrated 5 megapixel camera has not only about 4 x zoom and auto-focus, but also photo light and face detection and can record videos. The media player that can play audio and video files, features TrackID, to identify the track, shake control, through which the player can be operated by shaking and assembles SensMe, which tracks mood and genre. Internally, the Sony Ericsson Yari has a 60 MB memory that can be expanded with microSD memory cards up to 16 GB. Here find your place then also videos, music or pictures.


expected to Sony Ericsson will bring out the Yari 2009 in the third quarter. If you want to be notified for the exact publication date by email, you can do that without obligation about bridgat.


Compare Sony Ericsson Naite J105i

Compare Sony Ericsson Naite J105i