Sony plans a combination of mobile phone and PSP – what is tuned to the rumors?

Sony is up for years with the mobile market. Some interesting and high-tech phones on the market have come in recent years under the name of Sony Ericsson,.

Sony’s position in the market

particularly the devices of the Cybershot and walkman series are enjoying great popularity. But nowadays a mobile must be able more than “ only ” make good pictures or play music. A camera is installed in almost all cell phones and a music player can be found also in many devices. So what do?

Why reinvent the phone?

Just the strong competition from Apple seems to get Sony, to want to try something new. Sony even with its portable game consoles whilst under pressure due to growing support for the Apple platform of the game provider of.  Sony has decided, a hybrid device from PSP (PlayStation Portable) and give rise to mobile. The development will begin in July 2009.

What’s on the rumors?

, Which is still quite unclear. Already a few years ago the speech was from a mobile gaming console with integrated mobile, it appeared even drawings on the Internet. Nothing is definitely. Also, the development of such game mobile phones will probably take months. What earliest to expect 2010 with such a device on the German market would be. As soon as there are new products are warranted by of course.

Overview of current game mobile phones

Itself, playing little games with almost every cell phone is possible. There are but few mobile phones, which are characterized especially by your games or are due to special features such as a motion sensor especially for this. Sony Ericsson offers, for example, the F305. This has an innovative game controller with motion sensor and 3 pre-installed games. The F305 is pre-installed as FIFA Edition with the game FIFA 09 by EA. But Nokia has a game cell phone on sale, the Nokia N85 with Zeemote copper stick included. With the Zeemote, a small stick to control the games, 15 pre-installed trial versions you can play. The Nokia N85 can be used even as a game console, because you can connect it with a cord on the local TV and play with friends.