State Route 115, 116, 131 and 133 in Colorado

By | October 14, 2022

State Route 115 in Colorado

Get started Canon City
End Colorado Springs
Length 47 mi
Length 76 km
Canon CityFlorence


Colorado Springs

According to topschoolsintheusa, State Route 115, commonly known as State Highway 115 or SH 115 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a north-south route on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, from Cañon City to Colorado Springs. SH 115 is 76 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SH 115 begins in downtown Cañon City on US 50. The first section of SH 115 is secondary in character and runs parallel to US 50 eastwards through the somewhat urbanized valley of the Arkansas River. The road passes through a few villages and crosses US 50 grade separated at Penrose. After this, SH 115 heads northeast, at the foot of the mountains. This part is largely equipped with 2×2 lanes. In southern Colorado Springs, SH 115 has two grade separations, then SH 115 ends at Interstate 25 on the south side of downtown.


SH 115 is one of the original state highways from the 1920s. The road originally ran only from old US 50 (current SH 120) in Florence to US 85/87 in Colorado Springs. By 1949 the route was asphalted. In 1950, US 50 was built along a new route north of Florence, after which the old US 50 route between Cañon City and Florence became part of SH 115. In the late 1950s, the current 2×2 road was built in southern Colorado Springs. The connection to US 50 at Penrose opened to traffic in 1977.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 13,000 vehicles drive into Cañon City and 5,000 to 7,000 vehicles continue to Florence. The 2×2 section between Penrose and Colorado Springs handles 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles per day, increasing to a maximum of 37,000 vehicles in southern Colorado Springs.

State Route 116 in Colorado

Get started Springfield
End Lycan
Length 32 mi
Length 52 km
Two Buttes



State Route 116, commonly known as State Highway 116 or SH 116 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms an east-west route in the far east of the state, from north of Springfield to the Kansas state border near Lycan. SH 116 is 52 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SH 116 begins 15 miles north of the village of Springfield at an intersection with US 287 and then heads east across the flat and barren prairies. The only place on the route is the hamlet of Two Buttes. Lycan is no more than two houses at the intersection with SH 89. SH 116 ends at the border with the state of Kansas, only a county road continues to Johnson City.


SH 116 was one of the original 1920s state highways. The exact route through the grid was slightly modified in the 1930s. Later US 160 was routed by road, however in 1952 US 160 was routed further south via Walsh. The road was not paved until 1964 to Two Buttes and in 1972 to the border with the state of Kansas.

Traffic intensities

SH 116 is very light, with 200 vehicles up to Two Buttes and only 60 vehicles per day further up to the Kansas state border.

State Route 131 in Colorado

Get started Wolcott
End Steamboat Springs
Length 69 mi
Length 111 km


Oak Creek

Steamboat Springs

State Route 131, commonly known as State Highway 131 or SH 131 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a north-south route through the Rocky Mountains, from Wolcott to Steamboat Springs. SH 131 is 111 kilometers long.

Travel directions

SH 131 south of Yampa.

SH 131 begins at Wolcott on US 6, near its junction with Interstate 70. The road leads through a sparsely populated area with canyons and mountain ranges, although SH 131 even has relatively few elevation changes. The road has no real mountain passes. There are only a few small villages on the route to Steamboat Springs, a ski resort. At the south end of Steamboat Springs, SH 131 ends at US 40.


SH 131 was one of the original 1920s state highways, but at the time only ran from State Bridge to Steamboat Springs, the rest was part of SH 11. In 1946 the section between Yampa and US 40 at Steamboat Springs was asphalted. In 1954, SH 11 was scrapped in this area and SH 131 was extended south to US 6 at Wolcott. The road was paved during the 1950s-60s, although the last section at State Bridge was not paved until 1970. In terms of mountain passes, the combination I-70/SH 131 is the easiest route from Denver to Steamboat Springs.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 3,600 vehicles run between the I-70 junction and Wolcott, further north to Steamboat Springs, 800 to 1,800 vehicles a day, with some villages slightly higher.

State Route 133 in Colorado

Get started hotchkiss
End Carbondale
Length 71 mi
Length 115 km



State Route 133, commonly known as State Highway 133 or SH 133 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a north-south link in the Rocky Mountains, between Hotchkiss and Carbondale. SH 133 is 115 kilometers long.

Travel directions

McClure Pass (2,669 m).

SH 133 begins in the village of Hotchkiss on SH 92, about 20 miles east of the town of Delta. SH 133 follows a valley eastwards, eventually merging into a narrow canyon, before bending northwards and passing through a sparsely populated high-altitude valley, with mountain ranges peaking at 3,800 meters (3,800 feet) all around. SH 133 runs over the 2,669-meter McClure Pass, a relatively simple mountain pass that is somewhat steeper on the east side. The road then continues north through a deep valley. The 4,306-meter Capitol Peak lies slightly to the east. The valley widens to the north before SH 133 ends at SH 82 in Carbondale, nearly 12 miles south of Glenwood Springs.


SH 133 is one of the original 1920s state highways. The route was originally only in the Carbondale area, but the McClure Pass road was built in 1947. At that time the mountain pass was still a gravel road. The route was not completely paved until 1978, the last part over McClure Pass.

Traffic intensities

5,000 vehicles drive daily in Hotchkiss, dropping to 2,800 vehicles at Paonia and 800 vehicles over McClure Pass. This then gradually rises again to 4,200 vehicles just before Carbondale, peaking at 16,000 vehicles in Carbondale itself.

State Route 133 in Colorado