Study in Australia With the Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday visa ( subclass 417) can be an interesting alternative to the student visa. Even if the programs of the universities are based on the student visa, most universities offer the possibility to study for one semester with the Working Holiday Visa in Australia. If you want to study in Australia with this visa, you should clarify this with the Australian university at an early stage.

What exactly is the Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa is intended for young people aged 18 to 30 inclusive who want to vacation and work in Australia. Holders of such a visa can stay in Australia for a period of up to twelve months. During this time you can work (up to six months for the same employer) and study for up to four months. That corresponds to one semester in Australia.

Only citizens of countries participating in the Working Holiday Program with Australia can apply for the Working Holiday Visa. These countries include Germany, but not Austria and Switzerland. A list of all participating countries is available on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Multiple entries and exits are possible with the visa.

Since you can only get the Working Holiday Visa once in a lifetime, students should carefully consider whether they really want to use it for a short-term study in Australia or whether they would rather apply for a student visa in order to keep the option open at a later date Time to be able to take another work & travel stay in Australia.

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Conditions for the Working Holiday Visa

In addition to age and citizenship, there are other criteria for obtaining a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. Applicants are not allowed to apply for a Work and Holiday (Temporary) visa ( subclass462) entered the country. You must also have sufficient financial means to travel to Australia. The fixed sum is currently A $ 5000. You must also prove that you are able to purchase a return ticket. There is the possibility that you will be asked for proof of your financial means when entering the country. This can be provided with a copy of a bank statement, which must be stamped with a bank stamp. The bank statement should of course be up-to-date. In addition, travelers must have a ticket for the return flight can show or show that they have enough money to buy one. Applicants who have children may not be accompanied by them. In the event that one owes a debt to the Australian government, a visa could be refused. Those applying for a visa to Australia may be asked to submit a police clearance certificate.

Health requirements

In order to obtain a visa, certain health requirements must also be met. However, examinations are not planned for Germans by default. However, anyone who has lived for three months at a time in a country that is rated higher by the Australian government in the risk level must submit a chest x-ray. A list of these countries is available on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Special medical facilities are responsible for the medical examinations; the addresses are also available on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Apply for the Working Holiday Visa for Australia

As a rule, the application for the Working Holiday Visa is made online via the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. A passport that is still valid for two years is required for this. The processing fee is paid when applying for the visa by credit card.

Anyone who has children must apply for a visa by post or in person. The application process is more complex here, as some documents have to be submitted in this way for a visa application. A so-called Document Checklist can be found on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


The processing fee for the Working Holiday Visa for Australia is AUD 440. There is also a small fee for credit card payments. If the visa is not applied for online, an additional fee of AUD 80 will be charged.

Health insurance

In contrast to student visas, students who are in Australia on the Working Holiday Visa are not covered by the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). So you have to take out a foreign health insurance yourself for your study stay in Australia.

Further admission requirements

Applicants who meet the academic and language requirements are well on their way to making their dream of studying in Australia a reality. But there are often other things that determine the success of an application. For example, the grade point average in the Abitur or in previous studies can be important. Depending on the university and degree program, a letter of motivation or a letter of recommendation may be required. In some cases, applicants also have to submit portfolios or introduce themselves in an interview, depending on the course and university.

The admission requirements for studying in Australia vary depending on the university, the study program and the subject. Therefore, applicants should inform themselves individually and as early as possible about the exact requirements at the universities in question.

Study in Australia With the Working Holiday Visa