Study in California State University Long Beach (9)

By | September 28, 2021

Application process

To apply to California State University Long Beach, you had to have financial proof (which can be offset against the BAföG abroad ) and confirmation of a certain language level, which you can prove relatively easily via TOEFL (60 points) or DAAD. Otherwise, the other documents to be submitted were summarized in a “checklist” from MicroEDU. After a short letter of motivation and the online application, I quickly received a confirmation from the CSULB.


I am interested in several Skype interviews for a Facebook group “CSULB Roomate Finder” potential roommates come and at least I landed in the Beverly Plaza Apartments, where I lived with Americans. The location is good, 10 minutes to the university with an extra university shuttle, which is very cool because you can come into contact with students there. The complex is well equipped with a pool, jacuzzi, gym and a generally large, inviting pool area. Many students live there and the atmosphere is very lively. Read more student reviews on Liuxers.

Course offer

Unfortunately, all business courses are closed to international students. Fortunately, I was able to have economics courses credited. Otherwise there is a wide range of sports from surfing to sailing – everything is really there.


The American university system is comparable to the German school system. The classes are very small with 30 to 60 students and homework was required on a regular basis. In each of my courses, the grade consisted of two to three mid-terms, a final, various projects and / or homework.

International Economics 6 cp

My professor (Jack Hou) is one of the worst lecturers I have ever come across. For 70% of the lecture period he tells only about his private life and his life story, treats his students disrespectfully, grades very strictly and places difficult exams.

Money and Banking 6Cp

I liked the course a lot. The professor (Ahmad Saboori) was very easy-going and funny, passed simple exams and I enjoyed going to class. Unfortunately there were many Germans in the class.

Business Communication 6 Cp

This was by far my favorite course. I was the only German in the class and I really got to know a lot of Americans there. I had to do a lot of housework, some of which were complex and time-consuming, but I learned a lot. For example, we simulated a job interview or gave a speech about ourselves that made many Americans very emotional. This shows how close we were all. We all knew each other by name and I got some farewell hugs after our last class.

I also do basketball, swimming and surfingat the university proves what was a lot of fun. Above all, you come into contact with other students better there, as the whole atmosphere is much more relaxed. However, I have to warn that the swimming course was very hard (lots of interval workouts) and that I regularly exceeded my limits.

Leisure and excursion possibilities

Long Beach has great surfing beaches, a student bar scene and nightclubs for fun too. If you want something bigger, you just drive into Los Angeles, which takes 30 minutes without traffic. The surf towns further south (Huntington or Newport) also have a lot to offer such as beautiful views, many restaurants, campfire sites on the beach and a cool nightlife.


  • Fraternity,
  • Surfing,
  • Camping especially in Yosemite !!!,
  • Road trip north along the west coast
  • Join clubs such as the surf club, where many trips are planned. Be open to talking to people
  • After that, Americans strive to get to know, because otherwise you won’t experience the real Thanksgiving and all the Californian values


Be stingy, because you can simply spend your money much better there and watch TV! Reason: just look out!

My conclusion

If you are looking for the classic college life that you know from films, you better go to Santa Barbara or Chico State! I would define Long Beach as an all-round city, where there is certainly a student atmosphere, but also offers a lot culturally and with the various beaches and a beautiful cityscape simply invites you to go for a walk and the nearby beach towns scout out. Also, it should be emphasized that the tuition fees are very low and the campus is simply outstanding. I have never regretted my decision and already have a lot of wanderlust.

Study in California State University Long Beach 9