Study in Queensland Part I

By | June 16, 2021

Welcome to the Australian “Sunshine State”. In Queensland, in the east of the country, the sun shines around 300 days a year. No wonder the second largest state in Australia is a popular study destination. But of course there is much more to studying in this region of Down Under than the numerous hours of sunshine.

The most important advantages at a glance: Studying in Queensland

Big city plants can be just as happy in Queensland as fans of small town life and nature lovers. In addition to large cities such as Brisbane in particular or lively holiday resorts such as the Gold Coast, there are also many small towns and villages on the more than 7,000 kilometers of coastline and in the hinterland.

Queensland is economically strong as a state. The standard of living is high and the lifestyle is relaxed. Leisure opportunities are numerous – as are study opportunities. There are several excellent universities in Queensland with a wide range of courses.

Universities in Queensland

If you want to study in Queensland, you are spoiled for choice: study in a big city, in a lively holiday region or surrounded by tropical rainforests? There is something for everyone, as Queensland has a total of ten universities, some of which have multiple locations in different cities.

Queensland universities are known to be very good. After all, the quality assurance measures in higher education, which guarantee high standards across Australia, are also taking effect here. In addition to the general quality assurance measures, this also includes those specifically for international students.

Many of the universities do well in international university rankings. In several well-known rankings they can be found among the best 500 universities in the world. The many young universities of Queensland were also partly THE Young University ranking place. This is a ranking of the world’s best universities that have not been in existence for 50 years.

Studying at Queensland universities

The study programs in Queensland are as diverse as the range of subjects. Those who want to study in Queensland can, for example, do a bachelor’s or master ‘s degree or do a doctorate. A semester abroad in Queensland is of course also possible.

Queensland is one of the leading locations for scientific research related to the tropics. This is of course also reflected in the courses offered by the universities, some of which offer various subjects with a corresponding region-specific reference. These include, for example, marine biology, veterinary medicine or urban and spatial planning. A full degree in this area or a semester abroad in which students take relevant courses offers the opportunity to acquire specific specialist knowledge that enables graduates to stand out from others on the job market. In addition to this offer, all major subject areas are of course also represented at universities in Queensland.

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The admission requirements for studying in Queensland as well as in all of Australia depend on the desired study program. As a rule, applicants must prove that they have a good command of English in addition to the required school or university qualifications.

Studying in Queensland: Costs, Accommodation, Financing

The cost of studying in Queensland varies depending on the place of study, university and individual requirements. Life in Queensland is cheaper than in Sydney or Melbourne. Nevertheless, the cost of living in Brisbane, for example, is higher than in Townsville or Cairns, for example. In addition to the cost of living, the tuition fees also have an impact. The amount depends on the university and the study program.

Studying in Queensland is therefore associated with not inconsiderable costs. However, there are several types of funding that students can take advantage of:

  • Foreign BAföG for a semester abroad in Australia: Thanks to higher assessment limits, even students who do not receive domestic BAföG have the chance of this type of financial support. It not only includes a grant towards tuition fees of up to EUR 4600, but also money for travel and living expenses as well as health insurance.
  • Scholarships: Students can receive scholarships from both Germany and Australia. These include scholarships from universities in Queensland, the Australian government ( Endeavor Awards ) or the DAAD as well as other organizations and foundations.
  • Student Loans: Low-interest student and education loans help students make their dream of studying in Queensland a reality.

In Queensland, students can choose from a variety of accommodation options. Typical accommodations for students in Australia are student residences, shared apartments or single apartments or host families. Availability may vary depending on the university and location.

Study in Queensland Part I