Study in Queensland Part II

By | June 17, 2021

Lifestyle while studying abroad in Queensland

Lots of sun, hot summers, warm winters, beautiful beaches – it’s no wonder that many Queensland residents love to be outside. This brings with it a relaxed lifestyle, which is typical of the Australian way of life in general. Exactly how life is shaped in Queensland always depends on the location. City dwellers, of course, live a little differently than inhabitants of coastal towns or settlements in the outback. Those who like to go out, of course, have more options in a big city like Brisbane or holiday regions like the Gold Coast than in small communities in the hinterland. In any case, the relaxed outdoor lifestyle under the Australian sun is a great experience for many students.

Many people in Queensland are into sports. They either do sports themselves – surfing is of course very popular by the sea – or they cheer on their favorite teams at competitions. Sports fans are in the right place in Queensland.

Queensland is a multicultural place. On the one hand, there are many immigrants living there, on the other hand a large part of the indigenous population. So there is also the chance to come into contact with people from different cultures outside of the universities.

Find the right place to study in Queensland

The choice of a suitable college at the appropriate place of study: Even those who want to study in Queensland, must be in planning carefully consider which location and what Uni promise the best international experience. We would like to present a few study locations in Queensland as examples:

City dwellers will find everything their heart desires in Brisbane, the largest city and also the capital of Queensland. There is, for example, a wide range of cultural activities and numerous shopping and nightlife options. Brisbane is an important university location, there are several renowned universities. One of them is Griffith University.

It’s not far from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, a city a little further south. The Gold Coast is known as a tourist region, but at the same time it is also a university location. This is where the Griffith University Gold Coast campus and the private Bond University campus are located. Life is particularly raging in the tourist district of Surfers Paradise. The long sandy beach is one of the most famous beaches in the country, there are many shops and the nightlife is legendary. Studying in Queensland and the holiday feeling can be ideally combined here.

The Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane is another popular holiday region with its beautiful beaches, national parks and leisure activities. There are also various universities here, such as the University of the Sunshine Coast in Sippy Downs, which is Australia’s youngest university.

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The tropics begin further north, more precisely there is the Tropical North Queensland region. Universities in this part of Queensland include James Cook University, which has campuses in the cities of Townsville and Cairns. This region is the right place for anyone who would like to complete a degree program or individual courses with a tropical focus during a semester abroad. Both cities are by the sea and Cairns in particular is not far from the Great Barrier Reef.

Explore Queensland’s flora and fauna

Queensland is famous for its wonderful nature. Students in Queensland should definitely take the time to explore the local landscape and wildlife.

The most famous natural wonder of Queensland is the already mentioned Great Barrier Reef, the largest of all coral reefs in the world. Countless animal species live on tens of thousands of square kilometers. This of course includes many corals, but also sponge and of course fish species, sea turtles, whales, manatees and much more. The Great Barrier Reef is a popular destination. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Unfortunately, the reef is at great risk due to various influences such as global warming.

There are numerous islands off the coast of Queensland that are well worth a visit, such as the paradisiacal Whitsunday Islands or Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island.

Not only in the water, but also on land in Queensland is exotic for us. For example, the Daintree Rainforest is just two hours from Cairns. There is no tropical rainforest in the world that is older or has a greater biodiversity. In addition to the Daintree Rainforest, there are other rainforests in Queensland.

The unique Australian animal species in Queensland can not only be observed in the zoo, as is the case here, but also in the wild. The likelihood of such an encounter depends on the location and the species. For example, kangaroos or wallabies can be spotted relatively often. If you want to get up close to kangaroos or koalas, you have the opportunity to do so in zoos, wildlife parks or sanctuary.

When we think of Australia, we not only have the image of a kangaroo or koala in mind, but also that of the outback. In Queensland, too, you can discover these charming landscapes away from the coastal regions. The nature in Queensland is not only extremely fascinating, but also wonderfully diverse.

Study in Queensland Part II