Study in Sydney Part I

The metropolis of Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia, in the state of New South Wales. With nearly 5 million inhabitants, Sydney is the largest city in Australia and also in all of Oceania. Sydney is also the oldest city in Australia, the official founding year is 1788. Originally the British shipped prisoners to this place. Today people from all over the world come voluntarily to the city that hosted the Olympic Games in 2000.

Sydney is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Not only tourists and business people are among them. Many international students are also drawn to the city. The attraction of Sydney is not surprising. After all, the metropolis attracts with over 70 beaches, many sights, a diverse cultural offer and nightlife and much more.

Studying in Sydney also means studying in a multicultural city. Around 30 percent of all Sydneysiders, as the inhabitants of the metropolis are called, were not born in Australia. The city’s student body is also very international. Around 35,000 students from other countries study in Sydney.

Sydney is the economic center of Australia, with many large companies and banks based there. Of course, tourism is also an important source of income.

Stroll through Sydney: Interesting parts of the city

Sydney is a huge metropolis with an area almost twice the size of Berlin. Around 650 districts are distributed over this area. The city center, the City of Sydney, consists of 32 districts. About 170,000 people live there on an area of ​​25 square kilometers.

The abundance of city districts also means a great diversity. Sydney offers the right areas for lovers of the beach and the sea as well as for friends of the pulsating big city life.

In the heart of Sydney: CBD, The Rocks, Darling Harbor and Newtown

The Sydney Central Business District, or Sydney CBD for short, is the city’s commercial center. The many skyscrapers in this district, together with the 309 meter high Sydney Tower, determine the skyline of Sydney. In addition to the modern skyscrapers, there are also many historical buildings in the CBD, so that you can find yourself somewhere between the traditional and the modern.

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The Rocks district, Sydney’s old town, is also steeped in tradition. This corner of the port area is a popular tourist destination with its old warehouses and narrow streets.

The vibrant Darling Harbor district is also a tourist magnet as an entertainment district. In this area, which is largely a pedestrian zone, there are many restaurants and some Sydney attractions right on the water. These include various museums, the Chinese Garden, Madame Tussauds or the LG IMAX Theater. There, cinema-goers can watch films on the largest screen in the world.

As hip and student applies Newtown, where many young people live around the world. The district exudes an artistic atmosphere. He is particularly known for the many graffiti and street art elements that can be found everywhere. Newtown’s various festivals, theaters, antique shops and vintage fashion boutiques all add to the district’s charm.

For surfers and beach fans: Bondi Beach, Coogee and Manly

About seven kilometers from the Central Business District, in the Eastern Suburbs, is one of the most famous places not only in Sydney, but all of Australia: Bondi Beach, located in the district of the same name. The city’s casual beach life and surfing culture are at home here. Various sporting and cultural events take place there throughout the year. Bondi Beach is a very touristic area with many hotels, restaurants and cafes. The districts of Bondi and North Bondi are in the immediate vicinity.

Also in the Eastern Suburbs is Coogee, another well-known district with a beach. Passionate surfers get their money’s worth there too. This part of town is at backpackers and students alike popular. Coogee is one of the oldest suburbs in Sydney, which is why there are many historic buildings there.

Seven Miles from Sydney and a Thousand Miles from Care. This is the slogan used to advertise a ferry company that offered trips between downtown Sydney and Manly. There is still a ferry service through Port Jackson, Sydney’s famous natural harbor. Manly is particularly known for its beaches. It is generally a bit quieter there than on other well-known beaches in the city. In addition to its beaches, Manly offers many other leisure activities for every taste. The district is also a university location and is home to the International College of Management Sydney.

North Shore

The North Shore is not an actual district, but rather a region. It is connected to the Sydney CBD by the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. From there you have a great view of the Sydney skyline including the opera house. The North Shore is home to the municipal zoo called Taronga Zoo and Luna Park. This is an amusement park that is right on the water. However, it is only open a few days a year. There are also two other major commercial centers in the city, North Sydney and Chatswood.

Study in Sydney Part  I