Study in Sydney Part II

By | June 10, 2021

Sydney highlights

As a true cosmopolitan city, Sydney is of course rich in sights. Two particularly iconic structures are located on Sydney Harbor.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the symbol of Sydney. The architect Jørn Utzon from Denmark designed the unique building. With its various halls, the opera house is one of the world’s largest cultural centers and is a popular photo opportunity. Around 40 performances take place there every week. Contrary to what the name suggests, visitors can not only enjoy opera performances there. The offer also includes dance performances, concerts, theater performances and more. The Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Another landmark of the city is the Sydney Harbor Bridge, an arch bridge that connects the northern and southern parts of the city across Port Jackson. The bridge can be crossed on foot, by bike, car or train. Those who do not suffer from fear of heights can take part in the Sydney Bridge Climb and climb the southern part of the Harbor Bridge. There is a great view of the city from the highest point of the bridge. Because of its shape, the harbor bridge is nicknamed the Coat Hanger.

Outdoor experience Sydney

Sydney is not only famous for its architecture, but also for the many options that are offered to outdoor enthusiasts. Starting of course with Sydney’s beaches, especially the famous Bondi Beach, Sydney’s hot-spot for surfers and lovers of sand and sea. There are various hiking trails along the coast of Sydney, such as the Bondi to Cogee Walk, which offer the opportunity to enjoy the Australian nature.

The Australian city also has numerous city ​​parks such as the Royal Botanic Gardens. The largest of Sydney’s Botanical Gardens, along with other major landmarks, is located on Sydney Harbor.

In addition to urban parks, there are also many national parks in and around Sydney. One of them is the Sydney Habour National Park, which includes different sections on either side of the entrance to the harbor.

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Less than an hour outside of the city center is the Blue Mountains National Park, one of Australia’s most famous national parks. Visitors can go hiking, climbing and mountain biking here, among other things. The Three Sisters rock formation is one of the highlights of the national park.

Studying at Sydney’s colleges

So there is a lot to do in Sydney. So it’s no wonder that the city attracts many tourists. But the long trip to Sydney is also extremely worthwhile for studying. In the QS Best Student Cities 2016 ranking, Sydney was finally placed in the top four.

Sydney is home to Australia’s oldest university, the University of Sydney. Sydney also has other internationally renowned universities, such as UNSW Australia and the University of Technology Sydney. In addition to six universities, which have their headquarters in Sydney, there are also several Australian universities that have a branch in the Australian metropolis. The state measures for quality assurance for universities in Australia ensure a high standard also at the universities in Sydney.

Two of the universities in Sydney are members of the Group of Eight, the most important university association in Australia, in which the most research-intensive universities have come together.

In addition to the universities, there are currently four TAFEs and various private education providers in Sydney, so-called private colleges or private providers.

There are many opportunities for those who want to study in Sydney.

The multicultural Sydney as a study location not only offers students the opportunity to gain an academic education. Due to the clash of different cultures and the many international fellow students, students in Sydney can also develop important intercultural skills.

University of Applied Sciences in Sydney welcomes students for both full and shorter study programs.

Semester abroad in Sydney

A semester abroad is an interesting option for anyone who would like to study and live in Sydney for a while, but do not want to spend many hours flying hours away from home.

Various universities in Sydney offer so-called Study Abroad Programs. These programs allow international students to study in Sydney for one or two semesters or trimesters.

The semester students in course selection is not bound to a particular subject or a particular semester. You can therefore largely freely compose your timetable from the university’s regular courses. The choice of course should of course be coordinated with the home university so that nothing stands in the way of later recognition of the study achievements made in Sydney.

Further study programs in Sydney

At the excellent universities in Sydney, international students can also complete a full degree and do their bachelor’s or master’s degree as well as a doctorate. The major universities in Sydney offer a wide range of courses in a wide variety of subjects.

Other degree programs are also offered by Sydney universities. This includes, among other things, postgraduate courses or language courses.

Studying in Sydney: Funding Options

Studying in Sydney is associated with high costs, as Sydney is one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the world. There are, however, various financing options that can help you realize your dream of studying in Sydney. Funding options for studying in Sydney as well as across Australia include:

  • Foreign BAföG for a semester abroad
  • Scholarships, for example from Australian universities or in the form of the Endeavor Awards, which the Australian government awards
  • Student Loans

In addition, international students are allowed to work in Australia up to 20 hours a week.

Study in Sydney Part II