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Argentina Population, Main Cities and Geography

Argentina: population, cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Argentina has around 45 million residents. Ethnic groups 90% Europeans (including descendants of immigrants from Italy with 36%, and Spain with 29%) as well as 3% mestizos and approx. 35,000 Indians. Religious affiliation 90% Catholics, the rest are minorities from Protestant, Jewish and Muslim communities. National… Read More »

What to See in Argentina

The most interesting excursions in Argentina involve visiting natural attractions. But, of course, the first thing you will see when you arrive in Argentina will be its capital – Buenos Aires . The city was founded in 1580 on the shores of La Plata Bay. Buenos Aires, unlike most cities in South America, is very… Read More »

National University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina)

National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTreF). Public University of Argentina. It promotes innovative and creative thinking, which investigates and publishes its ideas, with a qualitatively differentiated academic offer; from the local, it seeks to understand global phenomena, and from the global, it seeks to strengthen its regional identity. Foundation and headquarters Founded in 1995… Read More »

Argentina Railways

On August 30, 1857, the first Argentine railway was inaugurated, the base of the current Western company; the first stretch measured just over 10 kilometers and starting from the Parque square (now Lavalle) it reached the Floresta (now Vélez Sarsfield); gradually it went on prolonging, despite the financial difficulties of the company that had to… Read More »

Los Glaciares National Park (World Heritage)

The 4500 km² national park in Patagonia encompasses a unique landscape with glaciers, mountains and rocks. The most famous glacier is the 30 km long Perito Moreno, where large blocks of ice break off at regular intervals from the 60 m high and 5 km wide glacier tongue. In contrast to glaciers in the northern… Read More »