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Australia Population, Main Cities and Geography

Australia: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Australia has around 22.5 million people. In Australia, around 430,000 people from other countries are enrolled as students at universities, colleges or technical and language schools. Most of the students come from China and the second most at around 90,000 from India. This educational import… Read More »

What to See in Australia

The number of tempting options that confront a traveler who first came to Australia, delights and discourages at the same time. And this is quite normal – after all, choosing between the modest charm of the Australian “capitals” and a visit to the desert depths of the mainland to the natives is not at all… Read More »

Australia Industries and Commerce

Industries. – Before 1851 all the occupied regions were dedicated to pastoralism; agriculture was of little importance and there were few manufactures: mills (220 in 1848), tanneries and breweries. The main exports at that time consisted of wool, fats, skins and salted meat; whale oil was also important but gradually this trade was dying out.… Read More »

Campus Life in Australia

Campus life in Australia is not as legendary as it is in the USA, but there is also a lot to offer students on campus in Australia. Of course, the campus is primarily there for studying. But outside of the classrooms and libraries, the students in Australia can organize their everyday life on campus. Campus… Read More »

LLM in Australia Part II

Reasons to study LLM in Australia The most popular countries for an LLM study abroad are still the USA and Great Britain. However, a corresponding degree from Down Under no longer seems exotic and is highly regarded by employers. Because the quality of the study programs of Australian universities can easily rival those of North… Read More »

Cultural Characteristics in Australia Part II

Mateship One of the cultural specialties in Australia is the concept of mateship. Historically, it has its origins in the colonial era and it is still important today for coexistence in Australia. At that time, the people in the country’s inhospitable environment were dependent on each other’s support to ensure their survival. Mateship therefore not… Read More »

Cultural Characteristics in Australia Part I

Australians either spend most of their time on the beach or roam the Australian bush in crocodile Dundee style? This is of course just as incorrect as the stereotypical image of the eternally beer-loving, sauerkraut-eating Germans dancing the Schuhplattler with a cuckoo clock in their living room. And yet the beach and the outback are… Read More »

Cost of Living in Australia Part II

Costs for activities In addition to working for the university, you naturally also want to have fun studying abroad. Therefore, students should factor in the cost of recreational activities when considering the cost of living in Australia. There is no shortage of leisure opportunities in Australia. If you like, you can, for example, watch the… Read More »

Cost of Living in Australia Part I

International students in Australia will have to pay for their living expenses in addition to the Australian tuition fees. How expensive life is for students in Australia depends on two factors: On the one hand, of course, the individual lifestyle determines the expenses. On the other hand, the place of residence down under is very… Read More »

Cost of Studying in Australia

Studying at the excellent Australian universities, having fun with your new fellow students, discovering the fascinating Australian landscape and relaxing in comfortable accommodation – all of this has its price. There are some costs involved in studying in Australia. In addition to visa and travel, you also have to pay tuition fees and, of course,… Read More »

Lectures in Australia

The universities in Australia are known for their high quality standards in research and teaching. Of course, the students also benefit from this in the courses. The courses in Australia convey the course content in a practical way and prepare the students well for their later professional life. Courses are essential components of the undergraduate… Read More »

Course Choice During a Semester Abroad in Australia

A semester abroad at a university in Australia shouldn’t just be a great personal experience. Rather, it should also be an academic success. Choosing the right courses is an important aspect. But how does the course selection actually work during the semester abroad in Australia ? And what should students consider? Choices when choosing a… Read More »

Masters in Australia

Australia – the huge country on the other side of the world beckons with sunshine, exotic flora and fauna and a relaxed lifestyle. Reasons for the Masters in Australia A master’s degree in Australia is not only due to the fantastic landscape and good weather, but also to the country’s excellent university system. Australian universities… Read More »

Bachelor in Australia

The outback, white sandy beaches, dense tropical rainforest, extraordinary animals and exciting metropolises – all this and more can be discovered in Australia. So it’s no wonder that Australia is so popular with tourists. But there are also other ways to get to know the country on the other end of the world: A bachelor’s… Read More »

LLM in Australia Part I

Australia not only fascinates with beautiful nature and exciting cities, but also with an excellent university landscape. The state’s 43 universities are characterized by high professional standards, excellent equipment and a high level of service. The “ESOS Act” also ensures that the study programs of all universities that accept international students meet international standards. This… Read More »

Application Process for Studying in Australia

The study location in Australia has been selected, the right university has been found and you also know which subject you want to study? Then the next step is to apply to the university in Australia. Prospective students apply directly to the individual universities. Each university has its own application process. It is therefore important… Read More »

MBA in Australia

The laid-back lifestyle of the Aussies and the unique natural beauty of the “red continent” make Australia one of the most popular travel destinations. The fact that the Australian higher education system is among the best in the world also makes Australia attractive to students. At Australian universities, the relationship between lecturers and students is… Read More »

Funding Options for Studying in Australia

If you want to fulfill your dream of studying in Australia, you should think about the financing in good time. Because studying at the excellent universities in Sydney, Melbourne and Co. has its price. In addition to tuition fees, international students also have to pay for the cost of living and the long journey to… Read More »

Study in Melbourne Part II

The metropolis has different beaches, for example in St Kilda, Port Melbourne or Brighton. The Brighton Beach is known for its brightly painted beach huts, the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Surfers don’t get their money’s worth in Melbourne as there are no surfing beaches in Melbourne. Even in a big city like Melbourne you can spend… Read More »

Reasons to Study in Australia

Are you wondering why you should do a semester abroad in Australia ? Or why is it worth going to Australia for a complete degree? Here are the top reasons to study in Australia: 1. First-class university landscape One of the reasons for studying in Australia is the excellent Australian higher education landscape. Australia is… Read More »

Study in Melbourne Part I

Curtain up on one of the “most livable cities in the world”: Melbourne is located in southeast Australia and is the capital of the state of Victoria. With around 5 million inhabitants, Melbourne is a real metropolis and offers everything your heart desires. So it’s no wonder that Melbourne has won the title of Most… Read More »

University System in Australia

Exciting metropolises, fascinating landscapes, a unique animal world and and and. There are many reasons for studying in Australia. A very important reason for the many international students who are drawn to Down Under is certainly the excellent Australian university landscape. Australian universities can regularly place themselves at the top of international university rankings. They… Read More »

Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Australia

Australian universities enjoy an excellent international reputation and are known for providing high quality teaching and research. The reason for this is not least the quality assurance in higher education, which plays an important role in Australia. How is it organized? Between autonomy and state control Quality assurance in higher education is under intense government… Read More »

Study in Queensland Part II

Lifestyle while studying abroad in Queensland Lots of sun, hot summers, warm winters, beautiful beaches – it’s no wonder that many Queensland residents love to be outside. This brings with it a relaxed lifestyle, which is typical of the Australian way of life in general. Exactly how life is shaped in Queensland always depends on… Read More »

Study in Queensland Part I

Welcome to the Australian “Sunshine State”. In Queensland, in the east of the country, the sun shines around 300 days a year. No wonder the second largest state in Australia is a popular study destination. But of course there is much more to studying in this region of Down Under than the numerous hours of… Read More »

Services Offered by Universities in Australia

Universities in Australia strive to provide the best possible support to students. This does not only apply to academic matters. You also want to be there for the students outside of the lectures. That is why there are numerous services for students in Australia that affect both the academic and private spheres. International students in… Read More »

Australia Student Visa Part II

With the family to Australia to study If you want to avoid homesickness while studying in Australia, you can be accompanied by selected family members. This can be the partner as well as your own or your stepchildren. An applicant’s partner can even study in Australia for three months. If you travel to Australia with… Read More »

Australia Student Visa Part I

If you want to study in Australia, you usually need a student visa. Until June 30, 2016, there were different student visas in Australia depending on the study program. This is no longer the case since July 1st, 2016. Since then, there has only been one student visa for studying in Australia, the Student visa… Read More »

Study System in Australia

Even if Australia is on the other end of the world, the study system there is basically similar to the German one – although there are some special features. Just like German universities, Australian universities also award bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. In addition, the study system in Australia also has degrees that are unknown… Read More »

Tuition Fees in Australia

Both international and local students must pay tuition fees in Australia. However, tuition fees in Australia are usually significantly higher for international students than for local students. On the one hand, this is because the amount of tuition fees that universities in Australia are allowed to charge from residents is limited by the Australian government.… Read More »