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Brazil Population, Main Cities and Geography

Brazil: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Brazil has around 212 million people. Ethnic groups The population of Brazil is made up of residents of European, African and Indian descent. In the north of the country, the majority of the population is of Black African or Indian descent. The further south you… Read More »

Buzios, Brazil

Beautiful Buzios, known throughout the world for its unique combination of provincial charm and first-class infrastructure, is comfortably located on a sunny peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. On the 17 beautiful beaches of Buzios, you can not only get an even, beautiful tan, but also go in for water sports, make many completely unnecessary acquaintances,… Read More »

Manaus, Brazil

The city of Manaus is the capital of the Amazon, and it is located, unsurprisingly, on the banks of the Amazon River. The local population consists almost entirely of Indians, which gives the city a special flavor. Check jibin123 for customs regulations and visa requirements of Brazil. The main attraction of Manaus is its wild nature.… Read More »

What to See in Brazil

The twenty-six states of Brazil and the Federal District, where the capital of the country, Brasilia, is located, form five major regions, each of which is of particular interest to tourists: South, Southeast, Central West, Northeast and North. According to Top-mba-universities, Brazil.the main “gateway” of the country for tourists arriving from the Northern Hemisphere is… Read More »

Amazon State University

Amazon State University. It is a Brazilian public university operated by the state of Amazonas, Brazil, located in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. It was established in 2001 by a state law that changed the Amazonas University of Technology (UTAM or Universidade de Tecnologia do Amazonas, in Portuguese) to the UEA. Historical review The Amazonas State University… Read More »

Brazil Public Finance

The main sources of income for the federal budget are indirect taxes (the income tax, introduced in 1924, encountered serious difficulties in its application, and in 1926 it gave just 5% of the total income), and the revenue alone of customs reaches about ⅓ of the total; It should also be noted that only the product… Read More »