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Confucianism of, – based on Confucius declining worldview or philosophy widespread, especially in China, but also in other parts of East Asia (especially Japan). Its founder felt himself to be a »narrator«, and in his teaching he combined numerous older v. a. social ideas that made Confucianism a complex and therefore very adaptable school of… Read More »

Importing from China is Easy!

However, there are a lot of regulations when importing from China, especially from Germany. Because global trade is by no means as free as one might think. As an importer from China, you are obliged to observe numerous import restrictions and regulations. However, this is in your own interest, because it is by no means… Read More »

Cost of Studying in China

Studying in the “Middle Kingdom” needs to be well planned. Therefore, students should also know what the costs will be. This of course includes the flight to China, the cost of the visa and the foreign health insurance. Most of the cost of studying in China is usually tuition fees and the cost of living.… Read More »

Chongqing – a Giant City in the Middle of China

Known as an industrial city, Chongqing is not only a destination for business travelers, as the huge metropolis also has plenty to do for the average city holidaymaker. A giant city in the middle of China Whether it’s spicy food, adorable pandas or more than a thousand-year-old attractions, Chongqing, located on the edge of the… Read More »