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Croatia Population, Main Cities and Geography

Croatia: population and cities Population According to Countryaah website, Croatia has about 4.4 million residents. Ethnic composition Croatian 90% Serbs 5% Bosniaks 0.5% Italian 0.4% Hungary 0.4% Albanians 0.3% Slovenes 0.3% Czechs 0.2% Religion About 88% of Croats are Catholic. The Serbian population is almost exclusively Christian Orthodox – around 4% of the total population.… Read More »

What to See in Croatia

Croatia has a rich history, and therefore a lot of interesting places to visit. In the northern part of Croatia, at the very border with Slovenia, the most developed tourist region of the country is located – the Istrian peninsula. With its green hills, picturesque small towns and landscapes, it resembles a French or Italian… Read More »