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Czech Republic Population, Main Cities and Geography

Czech Republic Population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, the Czech Republic has about 10.5 million residents. Ethnic composition The majority of the population consists of Czechs (90.1%) and Moravia (3.7%), followed by Slovaks (1.8%), Poles (0.5%), Germans (0.4%) as well as members of other nationalities such as Vietnamese and Ukrainians (1%). In… Read More »

Mineral Springs of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

A tourist paradise, one of the most stable countries in Eastern Europe with a high standard of living, low prices, historical places of unique beauty. Leisure and free time. Clubs: as the Czechs themselves say, in addition to breweries and pastry shops, their capital is famous for jazz clubs. The most famous are “Amigo”, “Metropolitan”,… Read More »

What to See in Czech Republic

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic is Prague. There are many excursions with sightseeing of the capital. At the beginning of the 19th century, Bernardo Volzano counted 103 towers in Prague and thus the city acquired the name “City of a Hundred Towers”. There are currently over 500 of them! The center… Read More »

Cultural Peculiarities in the Czech Republic

So close and yet so far: the Czech Republic is Germany’s direct neighbor and the two countries share a very long and varied history. Czech and German cultures have always influenced each other – and not just in culinary terms. For this reason, you will surely notice a lot of cultural similarities during your studies… Read More »