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Egypt Population, Main Cities and Geography

Egypt: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Egypt has about 100 million people. It should be mentioned that in 1981 there were only around 42 million. Age structure less than 5% are older than 65 years around 65% are between 15 and 64 years old around 30% are younger than 15 years… Read More »

What to See in Egypt

The “visiting card” of the country is the world-famous pyramids. There are about a hundred pyramids here – large and small, some have been preserved almost unchanged. All of them were created by human hands, but their appearance is so majestic that it seemed that the Lord himself created them. They are located along the… Read More »

Egypt Society and Human Rights

Population and society With more than 80 million residents, of which more than a third are under the age of 14, Egypt is the most populous state in the Arab world. Its population has nearly doubled in the past thirty years and population growth continues to outstrip the national economic capacity to support it. Since most… Read More »