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France Population, Main Cities and Geography

France: population and cities Population According to Countryaah website, France has a total of 65.4 million residents. Ethnic composition In addition to the French, around 4.9 million foreigners live in France, of which around 18% are Portuguese, around 18% Algerians, around 15% Moroccans, around 7% Italian and around 5% Spanish. Religious affiliation In France around… Read More »

What to See in France

Chartres Chartres Cathedral is considered by many to be the most beautiful Gothic cathedral in France. if not Europe. This is one of the most revered church buildings in the world. The cathedral at Chartres was built in 1145. Somewhere at the same time, a precious relic appeared in it – the Veil of the… Read More »

France Attractions

Brittany According to topschoolsintheusa, Brittany is the largest peninsula in France. Brittany’s special appeal lies in its wild beauty and the charm of Breton culture. Economically, agriculture, tourism and fishing play a major role. On the Finistère (Finis Terra or land end), the spray sometimes spurts 30 m into the air when the sea is… Read More »

Main Attractions in Paris, France

The history of Paris keeps a lot of events that are reflected in the countless monuments of architecture and art located on the ancient streets and squares of the French capital, many of which are themselves historical sights of the city. The Louvre (Musee du Louvre)– a grandiose, world-famous museum located in the center of… Read More »