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Greece Population, Main Cities and Geography

Greece: population and cities Population According to Countryaah website, Greece has about 11.3 million residents. Ethnic composition The population of Greece consists of 97.5% Greeks, 0.5% Turks, 0.4% Macedonians and other small minorities Religion About 97.5% of Greek citizens are Greek Orthodox. The Greek Orthodox Church is the state religion. In addition, there are around… Read More »

Sights of Kefalonia, Greece

This largest Ionian island is whimsical in shape and is known for its peaceful and friendly villages. The coastline has a number of mighty cliffs and beautiful coves. According to bestitude, the spectacular caves sometimes have a magical appearance, in which sunlight plays a major role. A lot of agriculture is practiced in the mountainous… Read More »

What to See in Greece

Capital of Greece Athens. This is a city that gave the world democracy, the culture of antiquity and left a significant mark on world history. Here, antiquity coexists with modernity, and Byzantine churches with neoclassicism of the 19th century. The main attraction of the capital is the Acropolis, which has become a symbol of ancient… Read More »