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Hungary Population, Main Cities and Geography

Hungary: population, cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Hungary has around 9.97 million residents. Ethnic composition Hungary 92%; Sinti and Roma 3%; Germans 1%; Slovaks 1%; Jews 1%; South Slavs 1%; other 1%. About 80,000 Jews live in Budapest alone. Religious affiliation Catholics 63% and Protestants 25.5% other 11.5% National language The national language… Read More »

Fonyod, Hungary

The largest and oldest settlement on the south coast of Lake Balaton, which today has become a lively tourist center with a beautiful marina and bustling life in the central part of the city. In Fonyod, there are well-maintained “family-type” summer cottages with small parks, well-equipped beaches, comfortable campsites and a developed service sector. Many… Read More »

Hungary in the 21st Century

HUMAN AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Central European state. The Hungary, Which at the 2001 census had registered 10,197,119 residents, With a density of 109 residents per km 2, it is experiencing a marked decline in the population, whose signs have begun to emerge since the early eighties of the 20th century. and that in the period from… Read More »