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Iceland Population, Main Cities and Geography

Iceland: population and cities Population According to Countryaah website, Iceland has around 319,000 residents and is the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Ethnic composition Around 96% of Iceland’s residents are native Icelanders. Religious affiliation Around 80% of Icelanders belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Icelandic State Church, 2.4% of Icelanders are Catholics. But there are… Read More »

What to See in Iceland

CITIES Reykjavik is the capital of the country. The city was founded in 874. In 2000, UNESCO awarded Reykjavik the status of “Cultural Capital of the World”. The city’s name means “smoky bay” in Icelandic. Reykjavik is located on a peninsula, to the east of it rise mountain ranges, among which Mount Esja stands out.… Read More »

Icelandic Literature

Old Icelandic literature was written down in the course of the 13th century, but the manuscripts preserved today are largely from the 14th and 15th centuries. The handwritten tradition of medieval literature was resumed after the Reformation and lasted into the early 20th century. 14th and 15th centuries The genres and narrative forms of the… Read More »

Reykjavik Travel Guide

Sympathetic Reykjavik charms its visitors. The northernmost capital of the world, Reykjavik, is a colorful and idyllic little town. Atmospheric Reykjavik is the capital with the atmosphere of a small village: everything can be reached on foot, and even during a week-long trip, it is easy to get to know the city. Idyllic capital by… Read More »