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What to See in Indonesia

Java island. First of all, on the island it is worth visiting the capital of the country – Jakarta. Of interest here is Taman Fatahila Square, paved with stone, on Freedom Square (Medan Merdeka) rises a 132-meter marble monument “Monas”, on top of which an imitation of a flame covered with gold is built, the… Read More »

Indonesia Figures and Facts

Indonesia is a country of vast proportions and endless possibilities. This is a whole world, striking in richness and diversity, occupying 13,677 islands of the largest archipelago on the planet – Malay. The islands of Indonesia stretch along the equator for more than five thousand kilometers. Only half of these islands are inhabited, and the… Read More »

Indonesia Geography and Population

Indonesia Island state in Southeast Asia. The geographical name (comp. Of Indo – and of the Greek νῆσος “island”), which is sometimes preferred that of Insulindia , refers to the set of about 14,000 islands located SE of the Asian mainland from the Bay of Bengal to the Sea of Arafura, between the Indian Ocean,… Read More »