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Italy Population, Main Cities and Geography

Italy: population and cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Italy has a total of 60.7 million residents. Ethnic composition In Italy there are mainly Italians, Sardinians minorities such as Slovenes, Albanians and Greeks. Religious affiliation In Italy, the majority of all residents practice the Roman Catholic faith. There are also around 1 million Muslims,… Read More »

What to See in Italy

In Verona , thousands of tourists are attracted by Piazza Bra (1st century) – the ancient Roman arena, which is the second largest after the Colosseum, the Church of San Zeno (5th century), Juliet’s house and grave, Erbe i Signoria Square, Stone Bridge and Old Lock. Florence is not inferior to Rome in the richness… Read More »

Attractions in Italy

Terme di Comano, Trentino Alto Adige (Italy) According to foodanddrinkjournal, the thermal resort of Terme di Comano is located west of Trento in the Val Guidicaria valley, which borders the Dolomiti di Brenta mountains from the south. The local thermal springs have a temperature of +27 degrees, they are rich in calcium and magnesium bicarbonates… Read More »

European Coalition against Venice Part II

Meanwhile, the coalition showed signs of relaxing. If the previous year the too much fortune of Venice had multiplied the enemies of the republic, now the too much fortune of the enemies brought her some friends, for fear of a Habsburg or, even more, French prevalence in Italy. Among these friends, Pope Julius II. Who in February 1510… Read More »

European Coalition against Venice Part I

For the moment, the Blois pacts did not bear fruit. But the obscure diplomatic work against Venice did not cease. In 1507, darkly colored meeting of the king of France and Ferdinand the Catholic in Savona, shortly after the king of France, with the help of the Spanish fleet, had suppressed the rebellion in Genoa. The following year… Read More »

Italy Country Name Part II

To understand the events of the name of Italy in the Middle Ages, and above all to explain the numerous contradictions and obscurities found in the sources, a necessary distinction must be made between a broad, unitary meaning of the word, established with the empire and traditional since from the time of Diocletian ( vicariatus Italiae ,  dioecesis… Read More »

Italy Country Name Part I

According to Antiochus of Syracuse (Dion. Halic., I, 35), the name of Italy derived from that of a powerful prince of wine lineage, Italo, who would begin by reducing the extreme territory of the Italian peninsula under himself, between the Strait of Messina and the gulfs of Squillace and Sant’Eufemia, and, called this region by… Read More »

Social Life Progress in Italy Part II

Such activities also lead us to think of proper bodies for deliberation and execution: the  conventus ante ecclesiam  of the edict, which has a special  peace , that is, it is protected from perturbers with far more serious penalties; or the asamblatorium , as a Milanese map of 879 calls the public forum, in front of the cathedral. These are rudimentary city assemblies,… Read More »

Social Life Progress in Italy Part I

If weak and unstable, indeed in the process of corrosion and decomposition, were the political organisms that arose in the peninsula with the Germanic and Arab invasions and with the Greek reconquest; On the other hand, Italian society in a large part of the peninsula was progressing and becoming more varied and complex and industrious in… Read More »

Italy from 1713 to 1789 Part II

The power of Austria was still shaken a few years later, when, on the death of Emperor Charles VI (1740), the war for the succession of Maria Theresa broke out. But her Italian positions were saved by the alliance with England and Piedmont. The English fleet in the seas of Italy brought decisive help: in 1742, with… Read More »

Italy from 1713 to 1789 Part I

According to transporthint, the war of the Spanish succession, which ended in 1713, was followed in a short time by three other wars that gave rise to new transfers of dominion: this troubled political crisis in Italy in the first half of the eighteenth century accelerated a process of exhaustion, which led to ancient dynasties… Read More »

Romanian Dialects in Italy

Romanian dialects. – Romanian, or rather Istroromanian (which is one of the four fundamental dialects in which Romanian is subdivided; see romania: Lingua) is spoken only in Istria, in two groups of villages divided between them by Učka. The northern group now includes only the village of Seiane, of 540 inhabitants, in the municipality of Castelnuovo d’Istria… Read More »

Albanian Dialects in Italy

The Albanian dialects spoken in the kingdom (see Albanians of Italy) are found in three distinct areas: 1. in Southern Italy; 2. in Sicily; 3. in Italian Dalmatia. The colonies of southern Italy and Sicily speak Tuscan-type dialects (see Albania, Lingua); that of Borgo Erizzo (Zara), a ghego dialect. According to ejinhua, the northernmost of the Albanian colonies in… Read More »

Italy Anthropology Part II

Stature. – According to themeparktour, the general average height turns out to be m. 1.645. This stature also corresponds to the general average of humanity. However, we must observe that this figure, like the others that we will present, refers to “suitable” young people, that is, to a selected group. Livi himself, examining the stature of the young people of… Read More »

Italy Anthropology Part I

The first scientific essay on the anthropology of Italy as a whole is due to G. Nicolucci. In the work of this author, however, if the part that refers to the traditions and historical data relating to the movements of the populations that inhabited the peninsula is well developed, the truly anthropological part, relating to the… Read More »

The Italy Literary Language Part II

Italy, along with Romania, is part of the great eastern group of romance countries, where the plural of nouns and adjectives is given by the nominative and not (as in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Sardinian, Ladin) by the form of accusative (e.g.,  muri , fr.  murs , etc .;  good , sp.  buenos , fr.  bons , etc.). Since, as we have already said, the final -s  fell in… Read More »

The Italy Literary Language Part I

According to mysteryaround, the Italian literary language is Tuscan. more properly the archaic and learned Florentine. As always happens with definitions, even the value of this is not absolute. The interpretation that we must give is that the dialect elevated to high dignity of art by Dante, the Florentine dialect, an instrument of spreading the civilization of a… Read More »

Longobard and Italian History Part II

According to iamhigher, the sources speak only of  Langobardi to the defense: then not even all the Lombards must have been. And it was deduced that the Lombard nation was always distinct and detached from the Romans. Alessandro Manzoni saw, still in the century. VIII, open dualism. But one could also deduce another conclusion: that is, that the Lombards no longer… Read More »

Longobard and Italian History Part I

In short, Liutprando failed in the face of the opposition of various and even disagreeing forces, but also, against a Lombard conquest, in solidarity: Greek empire or high and middle Italian dignitaries, often operating with great autonomy from Byzantium and tending to find the their base; duchies of Benevento and Spoleto, that is, large groups of… Read More »

Italy Between Non-belligerence and War Part II

Overall, it can be said that the winter of 1939-40 was neutralist (the new pope Pius XII expressed his desire to keep Italy out of the conflict with the visit to the Quirinale on December 28, 1939); with the first breath of spring, however, interventionism was announced. The starting point was the conflict with England… Read More »

Italy Between Non-belligerence and War Part I

In the early afternoon of September 1, 1939, a communiqué from the Council of Ministers was published in which it was said that military measures “have and will remain simply precautionary” and that Italy “will not take any initiative in military operations”. There was no declaration of neutrality either then or later; and to define… Read More »

German Dialects in Italy Part II

Val Canale. – Another linguistic peninsula is the Val Canale (ie the upper course of the Fella), up to Pontebba Nuova. The profound difference between the two villages on both sides of the old border (Pontebba-Pontafel), now considerably overcome, is explained by the fact that the border crossed here from about 1000 onwards. The linguistic problem is complicated… Read More »

German Dialects in Italy Part I

It is necessary to make a clear distinction between the linguistic peninsulas of Alto Adige and Val Canale (Friuli) in which speech continues on this side of the border, the substantial characteristics and tendencies of modern Alpine Bavarian, and the German colonies in which from the moment of the deduction, all vital contact with the… Read More »

Italy History Timeline

According to Computerannals, Italy is a republic in southern Europe on the Mediterranean. It borders France to the west, Switzerland and Austria to the north, and Slovenia to the east. Due to the shape of the country, it is often called the Land of Boots. Italy was formerly divided into a number of small states,… Read More »

Best Travel Time to Italy

Medical care, social security, health insurance Italy’s health system The State of Italy provides a tax-financed health system to all of its citizens. The organization and provision of the services is the responsibility of the National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). The aim is a uniform basic service for citizens, which – in contrast… Read More »

Shopping in Rome

Money in Rome The euro is the official currency in Italy, we recommend that you either withdraw the Euro before you travel, or from ATMs when you are in Rome. In general, you usually get the worst exchange rates at the airports at both ends of the journey. Exchanging cash is not recommended, because the… Read More »