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Italy History Timeline

According to Computerannals, Italy is a republic in southern Europe on the Mediterranean. It borders France to the west, Switzerland and Austria to the north, and Slovenia to the east. Due to the shape of the country, it is often called the Land of Boots. Italy was formerly divided into a number of small states,… Read More »

Best Travel Time to Italy

Medical care, social security, health insurance Italy’s health system The State of Italy provides a tax-financed health system to all of its citizens. The organization and provision of the services is the responsibility of the National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). The aim is a uniform basic service for citizens, which – in contrast… Read More »

Shopping in Rome

Money in Rome The euro is the official currency in Italy, we recommend that you either withdraw the Euro before you travel, or from ATMs when you are in Rome. In general, you usually get the worst exchange rates at the airports at both ends of the journey. Exchanging cash is not recommended, because the… Read More »