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Kazakhstan Population, Main Cities and Geography

Kazakhstan Population, cities Population Population According to Countryaah website, Kazakhstan has around 16.8 million residents. Ethnic composition It is noteworthy that only about 54% of the country are Kazakhs. With around 30% of the population, the Russians form the largest ethnic minority. Around 5% of the residents are Ukrainians, around 2.5% Uzbeks and 2% Germans.… Read More »

Chimbulak, Kazakhstan

The Chimbulak ski resort is known not only in Kazakhstan, many tourists come to the slopes of the Zailiysky Alatau from the vast expanses of the CIS. Back in the forties of the last century, ski enthusiasts discovered the Chimbulak tract, which has everything necessary for perfect skiing – a unique snow cover with unsurpassed… Read More »

What to See in Kazakhstan

According to Top-mba-universities, the capital of Kazakhstan is the city of Astana , this name is translated from Kazakh as “capital”. It is located in the north of the central part of Kazakhstan on the banks of the Ishim River (a tributary of the Irtysh River). The city has been performing the functions of the… Read More »