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According to topmbadirectory, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana is a small rural parish located in the southeastern part of the state. The parish is bordered by West Feliciana Parish to the north, St. Helena Parish to the east, and Wilkinson County, Mississippi to the south. The parish was first established in 1824 and named after Saint Ferdinand III of Castile and León. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Chitimacha and Houma before being settled by European immigrants in the early 19th century. Many of these settlers were French Canadian farmers who had migrated down from Canada seeking better land for farming and ranching. In 1838, East Feliciana Parish was divided into two counties: East Feliciana County and West Feliciana County. The economy of East Feliciana Parish has traditionally been based on agriculture; however, in recent years it has become increasingly diversified with industries such as manufacturing, retail trade, health care, and education playing an important role in its development. The population of East Feliciana Parish is largely African American; as of 2019 it had a population of 21,811 people with a median age of 44 years old. The median household income was $40,163 according to data from 2017-2018. The parish also has an above-average poverty rate with 20% living below the poverty line compared to 14% statewide. East Feliciana Parish has a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in its many historic sites including churches built by former slaves during Reconstruction era after emancipation as well as antebellum plantations that were home to wealthy planters before the Civil War. Additionally, there are numerous museums throughout the parish that offer visitors insight into its history and culture including the Tunica-Biloxi Indian Museum near Baton Rouge which celebrates Native American heritage and culture in Louisiana. The school district of East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana is a rural district comprising three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district serves a population of approximately 21,811 people with a median age of 44 years old. The East Feliciana Parish School District is committed to providing a quality education for all students in the parish. The district has implemented several initiatives to increase educational opportunities for students such as the “Adopt-A-School” program which encourages local businesses and organizations to support schools by providing materials and supplies, and the “1:1 Technology Initiative” which provides every student with their own laptop or tablet device. In addition to providing quality education, the East Feliciana Parish School District also offers numerous extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs & organizations, music & art classes, and after-school programs. These activities allow students to explore their interests outside of academics while also developing important skills such as teamwork and leadership. The district is also committed to helping families in need through its Title I program which provides supplemental funding for low-income families so that they can access educational resources that may otherwise be unavailable. Additionally, the school district works closely with community partners such as churches and non-profit organizations to provide additional resources for students including mentoring programs and tutoring services. Overall, the East Feliciana Parish School District strives to provide a safe learning environment where all students can reach their full potential academically and socially. Check top-mba-universities for geography and famous natives in Louisiana.

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